Friday, November 20, 2009

Light and Dark

Hello Optimists,

Lately I have been noticing how much people like to complain. I think it's something we do subconsciously, something that is done from habit- I don't really think we know why we're doing it. Ok, some of us really are having a bad day/week (hopefully not month!) and just need to vent. But on average, people just love to tell everyone what is wrong with their lives. Why don't we talk about what is good in our life? And if it is absolutely necessary to talk about the things that are troubling us, we should also be talking about how we plan to correct it. What good is identifying a problem without taking time to consider a solution?

What we need to do is think about how we can improve the so-called "bad" situation rather than complaining about how bad we think it is...because chances are, it's a really easy fix. It's like we have some kind of mental block that keeps us from seeing the big picture, like feeling down and sorry for ourselves will bring an end to the problem. When I came across today's quote, it seemed like the perfect match to what I had been thinking of.

"It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness." -Chinese Proverb

Exactly. What good will come of cursing the darkness? None. You still won't be able to see, won't be able to go anywhere, and can the darkness even hear you? Ummm, no. What good can come from lighting a candle to eliminate the darkness? You'll brighten your path and have the ability to continue on your journey- exactly what you were looking for. See? Small change. Simple solution. Bigger and better results.

It seems so easy, but it's not- you know it's not. But it's something to work on and something to think about the next time you find yourself complaining to your friend about the little things. You've got to go do something about it and turn it into a positive situation. Believe me, you'll find that being in the light is much much much better than being in the dark. Try it this weekend, and I bet you'll feel a sense of accomplishment for motivating yourself to find your own solutions. Plus, you'll be right on your way to being an optimist. Hmm, how appropriate. Have a wonderful weekend!

Keep Smiling,
Optimal Optimist

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