Friday, January 29, 2010

It's a Small World (After All)

Hello Optimists,

I've been thinking a lot lately about places I'd like to go, things I'd like to do, new people I'd like to meet...I don't know why that is, but I've just been thinking about it. It may have something to do with the fact that a few of my friends are in Europe right now, while I'm stuck here, in (as my mom calls it) "Filthydelphia". Not that I'm not happy here, it's just that I feel that it's time for something new and exciting.

There's so much out there to see, so many new experiences to be had and new people to connect with. People often say "it's such a small world", but really, I kind of think the opposite. It's a huge world... like, H-u-g-e (with a capital H). And when I really start to think about things like that, it makes me feel like just an ant crawling through the dirt in this gigantic world. But when I came across today's quote, it changed my thinking a bit. Sure, we may only be one person in the almost 7 billion people living on Earth, but that doesn't mean we should feel unimportant or insignificant. Though who we know and associate with accounts for only a fraction of the people in this world, we may mean more than we think to those we share our lives with. I hope you can feel the same impact from this quote as I did...

You may only be someone in the world, but to someone else, you may be the world. 

Ah, this is a good one. I was all wrapped up in the mindset of being only one person in the world, interacting with only a few people, and, in the midst of feeling so unimportant, I didn't give enough consideration toward just how important I can be to those I already know. So it doesn't matter how many people you have in your Rolodex, or how many stamps you have on your passport; what does matter is realizing your importance to those around you. So while I am still hell-bent on going somewhere new ASAP, I am definitely going to take the time to be "present in my presence", if you will, and make sure that if someone does consider me to be "their world", I'm determined to make it a damn good one. So maybe it is a small world after all... I guess I should have really paid attention to that song when my family vacationed at Disney World many moons ago.

Keep Smiling,
Optimal Optimist

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