Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let the Sun In

Hello Optimists,

After much thought and consideration about this subject, I have come to a conclusion: My alarm clock is my most hated possession. There is nothing I would like more than to throw it out of my window every morning when it so rudely blares its echoing beep through my ears. It's like having a dump truck idling  along side of your bed that a construction worker left in reverse. And the snooze button? Ugh, what a tease. Five whole minutes of peace and quiet and then I'm jolted back to reality again when the beeping returns, like a bad song you can't get out of your head. I should invest in one of those fancy ones that plays birds chirping or a waterfall or something...although that may lead to some other unwanted problems. But we won't go there.

But what I do like to wake me up is the sunlight streaming through the shades. I know that a lot of people find this even more annoying than the alarm clock, but I find that it immediately puts me in a good mood, even if I still want to be asleep under the covers. It's just that great feeling of warmth and light that makes me excited to start the day, to go outside and breathe in the fresh air. Ahhhhhhh....

Today's quote made me think about this time of the day that I think is one of the greatest. However, I think the quote's meaning is two-fold; it has a literal meaning and, of course, stands as a metaphor for our lives. It reminded me that each of us is responsible for shining the light on our own lives.

If the shutters are closed, no sunlight can come in. -A New Earth

This quote comes from another one of my favorite books, A New Earth. And like I said about Eat Pray Love, you need to read this one too. (Did this just turn into a book review blog or what?) Anyway, it's a great quote. Basically, we need to be open to things in life, because if we're not, good things will not be able to find a way into our lives. We're all looking to find things that make everyday better, more fun..we just want to get the most we can out of life. And that's great! But, we also need to do all we can in order for that to happen. We can't just sit around in "darkness", waiting for great things to happen. We need to go out there, experience new things, go new places, meet new people, and open our hearts and minds to the great things that are happening around us. Keeping your shutters closed will not let this happen.

So before I go to bed tonight, I'm going to make sure that the sunlight can stream through my blinds and wake me up in the morning...and I'll also keep that in mind as I go through the day. I encourage you to do the same. So go ahead, open the shutters and let the sun shine in your life.

Keep Smiling,
Optimal Optimist

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