Monday, February 1, 2010

Disney Gets Political

Hello Optimists,

Though I am not usually one to delve into politics, I do like to stay "in the know", especially in times like these when things are a bit shaky. So, I watched the State of the Union address last week, anxious to hear what grandiose plans Obama had in store for us. I was mainly pleased with what he had to say, and there were a few times I quietly cheered on the couch in support of his efforts. It must be tough to be the President right now...they couldn't pay me enough to take on that job. Anyway, through the talks of healthcare and the economy and ever growing unemployment rate, Obama set out to explain how he plans to bring back some jobs while creating revenue for the country; he launched the National Export Initiative which plans to double the amount of exports over the next five years. Hmph, sounds like a good plan...

So then I started thinking about what exactly we'd be exporting, but I'm not so sure this is my area of expertise, so I'll just wait for the next report to come out to learn more about it. But it did remind me of a quote I once read about exports. (I know, sounds so exciting) But seriously, this is a good one, and it really has nothing to do with exports in the political or economic sense...and I bet you're thanking me for that, so you're welcome. Well, here it is...

Laughter is America's best export. -Walt Disney

Oh, Walt, the king of joy and happiness. You must admit, the man does know a thing or two about entertainment. After all, he did create "The Happiest Place On Earth". And I think he's right about this one. While exporting laughter may not help us decrease the national deficit (but at this point, I don't know of anything that would) or bring us closer to finding peace between all the nations at war today, it is something that is common between every single person on earth. Laughter is universal, and no matter what language you speak, you won't need a translator for a laugh. That's what's so great about it. I've written a few posts about laughter, in Be A Laughing Cow and my first post Let's Get It Started because it's something I love to do and something I love to share with others.

Maybe we can take Walt Disney's quote and apply it to our own lives, no just foreign policy. It is our best export as well. We need to spread life, spread love, and spread laughter. Ok, so maybe you don't have some high profile job in D.C. But I bet you do have an important job as someone's friend or family member, and your job is to give what you can to make their lives (and yours!) the best it can be. So I say we join together and export as much laughter to our friends as we can. I bet this policy will receive a standing ovation from everyone, even from the opposing political party who might otherwise feel the obligation to remain seated and show their disdain for your policies. So today, take it from Walt and create your own Happiest Place on Earth- I can guarantee it'll be full of laughter.

Keep Smiling,
Optimal Optimist

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