Friday, February 26, 2010

Embrace It

Hello Optimists,

Believe it or not, Philadelphia is again covered in snow. I thought the worst of it was over after our last 25" blast, but apparently not. I should probably expect this weather, considering I do live in the northeastern part of the country... but this is excessive! I know you've heard me voice my disgust over this white stuff before, so I won't bore you with it again.

But it did get me thinking about how I'm facing things. Like I said, I should expect this. If I was living in California and we got this amount of snow, I think I would be justified in my frustration. But I live in Pennsylvania for Pete's sake....snow is nothing new here. So I really shouldn't be against it if it's a commonplace.
I realized all of this after I read today's featured quote. It really opened up my eyes and made me realize that we've got to learn to cope with what's going on, whether we like it or not. We have to be able to live in our surroundings, to take the cards that are dealt to us. I hope you can realize the same thing after reading the quote...
To live anywhere in the world today and be against equality because of race or color is like living in Alaska and being against snow. -William Faulkner
The only thing that would make this one better is if it said " like living in Alaska (or Philadelphia) and being against snow." But I think this version will suffice.

Anyway, the real meaning behind this quote is quite important. In today's world, there's not room for inequalities, no room for prejudices, no room for discrimination. After all, we're surrounded by diversity every single day, and it is because of that diversity that the world is such a beautiful place. We can't turn our backs to those in the "minority" because there really is no minority anymore. We are all people, all living on one earth, all deserving of the same respect and treatment. At least for those living in Alaska, if you don't like the snow, you can move somewhere warmer. But there's nowhere for those to go who don't treat people equally, so we've got to learn to put aside our negative feelings and be open to equality for all.

So take today's quote to heart and make sure that you realize it's importance. We're surrounded by a great diversity of people in the world, and it is a wonderful embrace it.

Keep Smiling,
Optimal Optimist


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  2. Love your insightful posts! This one is particularly poignant.

  3. Thanks for the comments! I feel this quote is especially important in today's world...thanks for reading!

  4. I agree, very important quote and thought. Thank you for sharing it and your thoughts about it.


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