Monday, February 8, 2010

Right After the Snow

Hello Optimists,

Well, the weekend brought with it 15" of snow to Philadelphia. I hear my sister down in Baltimore got about 30". So I guess that groundhog wasn't kidding around...or maybe it was karma since I wrote about my skepticism concerning his predictions last week. Okay! Point taken...6 more weeks of winter. Now can we please cool it with the snow? 

I found it quite interesting because as you can probably tell, I am not a big fan of winter, yet I did end up enjoying the weather this weekend. I headed out Saturday night with some friends and we had a great time over dinner, chatting about the latest gossip, and picking up some ice cream for dessert. I know, I hear cream, really?! Didn't she say it just snowed? Well, yes, it was probably only 20 degrees outside, but if it's any consolation, we ate it by a fireplace...and really, in my book, there's no time when ice cream shouldn't be eaten. But I digress....anyway, after a nice long night, we parted ways and I had a short walk back to my apartment. It was pretty late at night, the snowfall had finally ceased, and it was in this moment of almost pure silence that I was able to really appreciate the beauty of it all. There were no cars, no one talking, no other footsteps. It was just me and the crunch of the newly fallen, powdery snow under my boots. It was an odd silence, but I found it to be extremely peaceful and beautiful.

Now, don't get me wrong. I have absolutely no plans of moving to Alaska or anywhere else where snowfall is abundant. But I guess now I just have a new found appreciation for the peace that is found right after a snowfall. I found a quote today that is perfect for today's topic and one that I could not agree more with.

Kindness is like snow- it beautifies everything it covers. 

I think this is a great quote and one we should all definitely remember. And because I had such a great experience last night, I thought I would write a little something to reflect my feelings. So today, you get a 2-for-1 special...what a deal. 

Right After the Snow

This is the best moment,
Right after the snow,
To find peace in the silence
That lingers wherever you go.

This is the best time,
To walk with only you,
To be surrounded by the white cotton
That hasn’t yet been pushed through.

This is the best moment
To clear the air,
To breathe in that gentle breeze
That flows through your hair.

This is the best time
To see the untouched,
To capture a moment
For which everyone must lust.

This is the moment,
The best moment to be.
For this is the time
We must open our eyes and see.

Okay, so maybe I'm no Robert Frost (Huh, Frost..that's funny!) or Shel Silverstine, but I thought I'd try my hand in some poetry. So today, here's a bunch to think about. First, remember the quote and it's meaning, but most of all, remember that kindness, unlike snow, can't be shoveled away. Though the plows can come through and remove the 15" of white stuff, nothing can remove the memory of kindness from someone that you've touched. And second, remember that even though there may be something in life that you aren't too fond of (think of me and snow!) don't avoid it or be afraid to allow it into your life. Be optimistic about it- you may just find that these are the things that have a way of making a difference in your life. 

Keep Smiling,
Optimal Optimist

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