Monday, March 1, 2010

Flowers at Your Feet

Hello Optimists,

Yesterday I went to the Philadelphia International Flower Show...have you ever seen it? Well if you haven't, it's certainly something to see. This year's theme was "Passport to the World" and there were exhibits featuring exotic plants and flowers from all over the world- Singapore, New Zealand, Brazil, Asia, was beautiful! Even the balloon you see in the picture above is made of flowers- that's at the entrance of the show and is covered with over 80,000 flowers! It was quite exhausting though; the show covered over 10 acres of displays, vendors and demonstrations.

There were some truly amazing things to see there and it makes you realize what great things there are all over the world. After browsing through all of the exhibits, finishing with Brazil, (and feeling like I had just walked all the way there) I was really happy that I had the chance to see the show- and I think I'll be a returning customer next year. So with flowers on the brain, I was reminded of a quote that I had once read and I thought it would be perfect to feature for today's post.
Stretching his hand up to the stars, often a man forgets the flowers at his feet. -Jeremy Bentham
This is a really good one. We're always told to "reach for the stars" and "aim high", but sometimes once we've made it that far, we tend to forget what got us there and where we came from. It's important to try to be the best we can be and it's great if we can make it to the top, but what's most important is to always remember those people who gave you the courage and confidence to become the person you have become.

Those who have always been there supporting your every move are the "flowers" that allowed you to break through the dirt and up into the sky. It's important that while we may be a long ways away from the soil where we sprouted from and may look very different than the seed we once were, that we remember those who have always encouraged us to reach for the stars.

Keep Smiling,
Optimal Optimist


  1. Great Blog..... One of my favorites by far..... not only because I happen to love the writer more than I love flowers.... but because children are like little buds planted with lots of love and having the joy to see them grow to full bloom!!!!!!!!! So, as I see it, you are blooming!!!!!!!! xoxox


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