Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Life is For Living

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Hello Optimists,

I was at the gym yesterday, gliding away on the eliptical, and plugged my headphones into the TV jack to watch Oprah. Nothing keeps me from watching Oprah! Usually I don't tune into the TV while I'm at the gym- I usually find it a bit distracting- but I am sure glad I decided to watch yesterday's show. If you didn't catch it, it was all about "Raquel Welch's Secrets to Aging Brilliantly". And boy, has she ever. When she said she was turning 70 this year, I almost fell off the eliptical. No lie. 70?! Are you kidding me? Regaining my composure, I listened intently at what she had to say, and I must admit, she is more than a pretty face...she really had some great things to say.

So besides getting to watch an interview with one of the most beautiful women on the planet, the show featured a bunch of women who are taking their age as nothing more than a number. Though Raquel was the guest of the day, four other women ranging in age from 50's to 90's gave some words of advice to those younger than them on the most important lessons they've learned in life and how to stay "young". First of all, I was blown away at how wonderful they all looked- you wouldn't ever guess their ages if they weren't displayed on the screen- but more importantly, I was really really inspired by what advice they had to offer. 85-year old Irene was interviewed and asked to give her advice to young women and her response really had an impact on me. Her words had insight and true wisdom...I guess what they say is really true: "Wisdom comes with age". I was impressed and I knew that this had to be the featured quote for today's post.
Be like a willow tree. A willow tree will, in storm, bow down to the ground... but after the storm it will come up. An oak tree is rigid and stiff and it can crack. -Irene
A willow tree, huh? Well, I never thought of them that way. I always thought they were quite beautiful, but I can honestly say I have never once thought of comparing them to my disposition. But, thanks to Irene, I can now completely understand this. We need to be able to adapt to our surroundings, to lay low when a "storm" passes through...and then we need to be able to spring back up once the air has cleared. Being  big, strong, and rigid is not always the best; it leaves you with no room to adapt... and eventually, you're going to develop some cracks.

Here's the link to the Words of Wisdom video from yesterday's episode of Oprah. I encourage you to watch it (it's only a minute long) and I hope you are as inspired as I was. If you get nothing else from this piece, take note that the one thing these ladies all have in common is that they know that life is for living. It doesn't matter how old you are or what physical ailments may be holding you back. What matters is that you live each day to the fullest and that you do what makes you happy.

Keep Smiling,
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  1. You never cease to amaze me with your great posts :-). I don't know how you keep coming up with great material every day!


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