Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pledge for Better Health

Hello Optimists,

Yesterday I came across a great little thing: The GE Pledge for Better Health in honor of National Women's Health Week. It's such a simple yet uplifting little thing to do to pledge your commitment to a better and healthier life- for you or your family. All you have to do is enter your pledge and your first name and zip code and your submission is instantly entered into their interactive map of pledges. Then, for some fun, you can check out the pledges of other people all around the nation to see what inspiring things they're up to!

Most people think of "better health" in the context of fitness and diet, but health is also associated with mental and emotional health. So while there were pledges to "eat the right foods", "walk every day", and "hit the gym more often", there were also several pledges that concerned mental health. I read pledges to "smile more", "be a better mommy", "laugh with my friends".....they were all great! I of course, pledged to be an optimist, and I know you might be thinking that's nothing new, it is something I work on every day. It's so uplifting to see that people all around the nation are promising to doing little things to improve their life, as this commitment is the first step toward achieving their goal. After reading through a couple pledges on the map, I remembered a quote about commitments that I had once read and thought it would be perfect to share in today's post.
A total commitment is paramount to reaching the ultimate performance. -Tom Flores
Well then, I think all of those who pledged are on their way to reaching their ultimate performance. But this quote really is true; unless we can make a total commitment- I'm talking 100% here- then we can't expect to perform at our best. We have to make sure that we can give it all we've got and be aware of the things we need to improve on to be able to be out best.

So I encourage you to follow that link and make a Pledge for Better Health. Taking that first step towards the commitment will motivate you to keep it going and follow through until you've reached your goal. Spread the word...send your friends this link to get them involved!

Well, I've told you my pledge...what's yours? Leave some comments to get a list going of all of our Pledges for Better Health!

Keep Smiling,
Optimal Optimist

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