Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Hello Optimists,

It's official; spring has sprung. And thank goodness for that! You all know how much I was anticipating the arrival of this glorious season (or at least, the departure of winter!) but I think we are all welcoming spring in with open arms. It's just great to listen to the birds chirp, to wear sunglasses to actually shade the sun and not the reflection of the snow, and most of all, to have a day of free Rita's Ice! I don't think there is a better way to kick off the season that to get some free Italian ice. In fact, I was so excited that I accompanied my sister and her husband this weekend on a 12.5 mile bike ride just to get our hands on some ice...and let me tell you, all that riding was totally worth it. That Swedish Fish ice is to. die. for.

Aside from the return of spring and summer's wonderful edible treats, I also noticed that another non-edible treat was brought in with the start of spring: blooming flowers. Though I am not quite sure if I have the "green thumb", I do appreciate the beauty of flowers. My mom is the one who wants to be a farmer when she grows up, so she was especially excited to see the little stems poking through the soil this past week. And I have to hand it to my parents; our yard looks so beautiful every year when the flowers are in full bloom...but it's an awful lot of work! Gardening is usually considered to be a pastime, just a hobby that people pick up. But if you think about it, the gardeners are the reason the flowers blossom and why spring is always so beautiful.

As I was thinking about all of this, I remembered a quote about gardeners that spoke not only of the flowers that they help to grow in the garden, but also about the "flowers" they help to grow in all of our lives.
Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. -Marcel Proust
This is truly a beautiful quote. We must always be grateful for the people in our lives who make us happy, those who make us smile, and those who really make our souls blossom. There's a difference between being comfortable associating with people and truly being happy with the people you share you life with. You can really tell when you're around someone who makes your soul smile....and most likely, those are the people who have planted a seed in your soul and have helped it to grow. We need to be thankful for these people each and every day, because without all of their hard work, your flowers might not be breaking through that soil at the first sign of spring.

So as you look out into your garden this week and watch the flowers grow, keep in mind the flowers that we all have inside and be thankful to those that make our day the best and happiest we could have hoped for.

Keep Smiling,
Optimal Optimist

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  1. Great post!! I love spring and flowers!! I'm so glad to see the snow melting away :-).


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