Thursday, March 4, 2010

Types of Humor

Hello Optimists,

Anyone who knows me well knows that one thing I love to do is's the only time where intense pain in my abs and the inability to breathe is welcomed. Whether it's watching SNL, joking with my friends or going to a comedy club, I never feel better than when I'm laughing. But it's a certain humor I like- some things make me laugh more than others. But I think everyone's like this, right? We all have that certain type of humor that really gets us going, that type that makes us laugh so hard we double over and (gasp!) let out a little snort in an effort to regain a regular breathing pattern. But despite that momentary lapse in oxygen, laughter is good for us; I have heard that it's the best medicine. So I think it's extremely important that we all get in a good "belly-laugh" as often as possible.

I found it to be quite ironic that I was thinking about this very subject the other day when I came across a headline about the 4 types of humor. Intrigued, I immediately clicked on the link and was pleasantly surprised to learn what it had to say. According to the original source, Psychology Today, there are four distinct types of humor that we are attracted to: laughing at life, making yourself the butt of the joke, putting others down, and bonding through jokes. Then, the four types are broken down further and personified with a name we can all associate with...I won't ruin all the fun for you, so go check it out. Anyway, in light of this theme, I thought I would feature a quote today about humor.
A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It gets jolted by every pebble on the road. -Henry Wary Beecher
Ah, and quite true this is. I guess it doesn't really matter what type of humor we like, but just that we can find things in life that make us smile and laugh. Sometimes we've just got to stop taking things so seriously and just enjoy the things that are happening in our lives. Besides, no one likes a Mr. Grumpers. Otherwise, our days will seem mundane and uneventful and we'll look back and our memories will be filled not with joy and happiness, but stress and frustration. This quote reminds me that sometimes we've just got to let things roll off our shoulders and laugh about it.

So whether you're a fan of Ellen, Chris Rock, or Dane Cook, remember to keep your sense of humor alive. After reading that article, I think I'm a "bonding through jokes" kinda girl. What kind are you?

Keep Smiling,
Optimal Optimist


  1. "Bonding through jokes" for sure, although I think everyone has to laugh at what life throws at us once in a while...

  2. when my depression was really bad I took every thing way to seriously, which in turn added to my depression. Since I have been in depression recovery, and I have a more positive out look on things, I am finding more and more things to laugh about. I am even finding humor in things that might not always be the funniest. Being able to find something to laugh about sure has been helpful in my endeavors to keep a positive attitude.


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