Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Week Finale and First GIVEAWAY Tomorrow!


Hello Optimists,

Today marks the end of Earth Week, but that doesn't mean we should stop thinking about how we can save the planet! I have read some really great posts and articles all week about sustainability and the environment and I hope that everyone continues to spread awareness all throughout the year, because every day is Earth Day. I don't think we realize just how important this issue really is, but all we need to do is take a look around us at the depleting glaciers, rainforests, and ozone layer to understand that we need to take action now.

To conclude my week of green-themed posts, I thought I would share with you a great little motto that I found while reading up on some information about the earth. But after reading it over a few times, I realized that like so many of my other featured quotes, this can be interpreted in a few different ways. So while the initial intention of this motto was to highlight Earth Week, take notice that it can apply to more than that...we can also apply this to life in general.

Take nothing but pictures.
Leave nothing but footprints.
Kill nothing but time.
-Motto of the Baltimore Grotto

We should really keep this in mind all the times. We should not take anything from others, including nature, nor should we leave anything behind that isn't native to a place. This means we shouldn't leave our garbage in a place where it doesn't belong nor should we leave things out for others to clean up for us. Most importantly, we should never kill anything (except, as this motto points out, time....because who doesn't love procrastination!?) We need to stop tearing down our forests and killing the habitats that call it home and we need to stop killing the spirit and confidence of others around us. We need to be the root of positive change both for the environment and for our friends and family with whom we share our lives. 

And here are your Green facts for the day:
For every degree that you reduce your thermostat's temperature, you're going to save about 1 percent of energy on your energy bill. (It's recommended that you keep your thermostat around 68 in the winter and 78 in the summer)

Invest in Energy-Star appliances. Though they may have a little bit of a high price tag, you can save about $800/year on energy costs! 

Now to continue on with this week's theme of sustainability, I have something great to share with you! I usually don't post on the weekends, but TOMORROW I will send out a special post featuring my FIRST GIVEAWAY for all of you to enter. Of course, all three items you can choose to enter for are eco-friendly so this is a great way to kick off your sustainable efforts. So I invite you to come back tomorrow and invite your friends to join the fun for this Earth Week freebie! 

More details are to come in tomorrow's post but the giveaway is set to run from Saturday, April 24 to Saturday, May 1 at 10 pm (EST). Make sure to become a follower (but only if you really want to be an Optimal Optimist!) and check back tomorrow to enter!

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