Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How You Can Get What You Want


Hello Optimists,

I was running some errands yesterday and switched on the radio to (randomly) hear "You Can't Always Get What You Want" by The Rolling Stones...and it has been in my head ever since. This song is right up there with "Hey Mickey", "My Sharona", and "8675309" in my list of top songs to instantly get stuck in your head. (And I apologize in advance for putting all four of these songs in your head!) But the bad part about the Stones song is that "you can't always get what you want" seem to be the only lyrics of the song that I know, so of course, those are the only words that have been playing over and over again in my head, like a broken record, for almost 24 hours. It's pretty much driving me crazy at this point.

But it did get me thinking about something. Is it really true that we can't always get what we want? I'd like to meet up with The Rolling Stones and tell them that that's not very optimistic. I'd like to think that we can indeed always get what we want....sure, it may take some extra time and hard work, but nothing should ever feel out of reach. If we really want something badly enough, we will make sure that we get it. And if we don't end up getting something we want, that probably only means that we didn't give ourselves a chance to weed out all of our attempts and "failures". Thankfully I remembered a quote about this that I knew I had to feature for today's post, and I think it is helping me finally let go of that song that's been in my head for a few too many hours...
"Whatever the soul knows how to seek, it cannot fail to obtain." -Margaret Fuller
I think The Stones should use this as the chorus of a new song and throw out that other one, right? This quote is absolutely true, no matter what the circumstance at hand. But it's important to differentiate between something we want and something we really want...with passion. If we have worked very hard for something and have devoted a lot of our time, effort, emotions, and soul into something, that passion will be rewarded in the end. We can get what we want. And like today's quote says, if we are out to seek something and believe in it with our whole heart and soul, we will inevitably be able to obtain it.

This is something we have to keep in mind all the time. It's too easy to get discouraged and lose hope in the things that we fear we're failing at, when all it takes is a little hope and confidence that if this is something we really want, we just need to go get it. So it's up to you now...go get 'em!

Keep Smiling,

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  1. Interesting post! I understand the song differently, focusing on the second part "But if you try sometimes you just might find/You get what you need". This kinda fits with your quote from Fuller, because if you need something, its closer to your soul, while what you want might be something more superficial.


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