Thursday, April 22, 2010

In Honor of Earth Day


Hello Optimists,

Happy Earth Day! I just read an awesome article about PUMA's new initiative to eliminate cardboard shoe boxes. Starting next year, in an effort to save the environment, they will replace those clunky old boxes with reusable shoe bags, saving 8,500 tons of paper and reducing their use of water and electricity by 60%! Kudos to you, PUMA...and I hope more companies join the movement.

There are a lot of skeptics out there about the whole global warming issue, and we may not all be the "Al Gore" types that face this issue head-on, but we all should be concerned with what's happening to our planet. Movies like his An Inconvenient Truth and even the newer Food Inc. show just how devastating our actions are on the planet, yet many of us don't even think twice about the damage we may be contributing. "Going green" is a trend that has really caught on in the past few years, and I am quite happy that it did because I think a lot of people are now conscious of their actions and are aware of the differences they can make. It's scary to think what might happen to our planet if we keep treating it the way we are, but hopefully we can all get the message and start doing something about it. Now.

Thinking about all of these sustainability issues reminded me of a great quote I once read about this idea, and after reading the article about PUMA I knew I had to write about it.
Because we don't think about future generations, they will never forget us. -Henrik Tikkanen
This is a great quote (especially for Earth Day!) and really is something to think about. By continuing to cause problems for our planet, we are leaving behind a legacy that will not be forgotten, but remembered for all the wrong reasons. We don't want to be the generation that could have changed the world but didn't or the one that caused all the problems and let the future generations deal with the consequences. We want to be the ones who, working together, can turn the global warming trend around and sustain our planet for many more years. While it's important that we make the best of our world in the present, we've got to think about the future and about the generations of people to come.

This is not just an American issue or something the EU can take the blame for. It is a global trend that needs to be addressed and needs global attention. So where do you stand on all of this? Are you into sustainability and preserving our earth or do you think your small changes won't even make a difference?

Here are your Green facts for the day:

50,000 acres of forest will be eliminated each day
People will consume more than 3 billion gallons of oil in one day (Addiction? I'd say yes!)
Garbage in a landfill can last for up to 30 years (yikes!)

Keep Smiling,

P.S. Here are some Earth Day deals, Top 10 Green Driving Tips, and 11 Simple Ways to Save the Planet. Check out these great sites and learn what you can do to kick off your Earth Day celebrations!

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  1. Loving your posts this week! Shared this one on in my Earth Day post today!

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