Friday, April 30, 2010

Picasso's Words


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Happy Friday! My news feeds and Twitter streams have been abuzz lately with messages reminding all Philadelphians that the "Picasso and the Avante-Garde in Paris" special exhibit at the art museum is coming to a close..."so hurry over before it ends!". I've seen a bunch of Picasso's and I must say, they're quite interesting. I've heard many people say that if it weren't for the name behind the painting, it would be questionable whether many people would have any interest. I don't know if I would completely agree with that...I think there are a lot of art gurus out there who can really appreciate the thought behind each brushstroke, but then there are those who think some of his paintings look like a first grader was left unsupervised during art class. But that's how modern art is... you either get it or you don't. It's kind of funny to see the beautiful works of Renoir and Caravaggio, and then in the next room over, have a huge 10x12 foot white canvas with a single red stripe down the center adorning the wall. That's the kind of modern art that really takes some special appreciation. No matter which way I turn my head or how much I squint my eyes, it just doesn't do it for me.  I may stand there for a few seconds, trying to look like I am carefully analyzing the meaning behind this "work of art" but really I'm just standing there thinking "What theeee.....??"

But Picasso is a household name for a reason. And for all of you non-art lovers out there, he was not the one to cut off his ear...that was VanGough. Anyway, Picasso was one of the founders of the cubist movement and really revolutionized the art world, making nearly 50,000 pieces of art during his lifetime. All of that hard work earned him the title of the most well known artist of the twentieth century, which is obviously no easy feat. He led a pretty interesting life, and after reading a bit about him, I learned that not only did he make a lot of really great things, but he also said a lot of powerful things too. In reading a few of his quotes, one really stood out to me and I thought I would feature it for today's post.
I do not seek, I find. -Pablo Picasso
This took a few minutes to really sink in. But after re-reading it a few times, I found it to be a very powerful statement, and probably is the reason he was so driven. To seek, by definition, is "an attempt or desire to obtain or achieve something" while to find is "to discover or succeed in obtaining".  Quite similar, yet one speaks to us in a more confident tone. To seek is just an attempt, a trial of sorts, which may or may not end in the way we hoped it would. It's almost like going into a situation blindfolded. To find, however, already speaks of the end result; it is an act that we know will lead to the finished product. So Picasso's quote tells us that we should not be in the mindset of "Oh, I'll just give it a go..." and try out a situation with our eyes closed, we should be thinking in a positive mindset and be confident of the direction in which we're headed. He wasn't just looking for opportunity, he was finding it. And that's what we need to be aiming to do in life. We've got to put our words to action, get out there, and find what we're looking for. It seems to have worked for Picasso...and it could definitely work for us. We just need to change our action from seeking to finding.

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  1. OH MYLANTA!! If I lived there you DEFINITELY wouldn't have to tell me twice about this exhibition.
    I could ADORE getting to see this.
    I envy you!



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  5. Nice quote. It is powerful!
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  7. Like they say, it's in the eye of the beholder...I understand modern art but do know people think it may look like a preschooler's work.

    Genius quote. When one one finds they have achieved everything they wanted. Great description. =)

    Have a lovely weekend my fellow quote addict!

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