Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Story of Our Lives

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Hello Optimists,

How many times in your life have inconvenient things happened to you and your response was, "Ugh, story of my life"? I bet you've said it a lot, and probably without even taking its literal meaning into consideration...I know I sure have. But why do we say this? Our lives shouldn't be categorized by the bad, negative, or inconvenient things that take up our time, but by the good things that motivate us, inspire us, and make us happy. If we were to put the events of our lives down on paper, would people want to read it? Or even more importantly, would you want to read it? I know we've all read that one book that never seems to gather dust on the shelf because we're always reading (and re-reading) it, flipping through to find our favorite part, or just reading a memorable part to a friend. Good stories are those that you just can't put down and whose characters you feel a connection with. So how can we live our lives like a story?

So this got me thinking about my life on paper. Would it be a New York Times best-seller? Well, maybe not. But I would like to think that it would be a pretty good read. I am always striving to live a life that leaves me feeling good about the things I've accomplished, confident about the things I am currently doing, and excited about the things that will mark the next chapter in my life. The story of my life is something that is very important to me and one that I am constantly revising. I am always looking for improvements, always using my red pen to make adjustments where I see fit. And just like a developing a good written story, we need to do some research into finding the way to live the best life we can, or, to make our story a good one.

I came across a book review of A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller that seems to give some really great advice about making our lives like a story....a good story. It's certainly a book that is on the top of my reading list and it's all about motivating yourself to really do the things you want to do, finding your drive, and making it happen. I found a great quote to feature for today that speaks specifically about penning your own life story and the importance of believing in the main character, which is you.
You must have control of the authorship of your own destiny. The pen that writes your life story must be held in your own hand. -Irene C. Kassorla 
This is a really great quote and one that we should always remember. When thinking about the story of our lives, we as individuals have the sole rights to our work. We can make it a bestseller or we can leave it unpublished. It's up to each one of us to write out our own destiny and make our life story the one to read.

So what about your life story? If you haven't put the pen to paper yet, that's ok...we're not all writers. But maybe you should start thinking about all of the elements: plot, characters, setting(s), conflict, etc. and keep a mental note of your story's progress. I think it's a great way to evaluate your position in life and make sure you're living the life you dream of.

Keep Smiling,

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