Wednesday, April 14, 2010

World of Words


Hello Optimists,

I just read an article entitled, "Let Your Words Create Your World" and I found it to be quite interesting. It centered around a type of therapy called Neuro-linguistic Programming (I know, it doesn't sound exciting, but stay with me here) that basically encourages optimistic thinking by using positive words to refocus the things within the control of our minds. The article sited some situations and proven results where people who had been through a recent trauma were able to cope better through learning to think positively. Well, I'm glad we're already on the right track!

I've written a few posts about the importance of keeping positive thoughts and attitudes, but I feel this is one thing we can never be reminded of enough. We are constantly fighting against negativity each day even though we may not realize it, and it's kind of hard to stay on the right track. How often do our friends come over to complain about something that doesn't really need to be complained about, and how often to we join in on their gripe just because...well, just because. The truth is, our words create our world, so we've always got to be thinking about how our words may be affecting the happiness we experience throughout the day. And this goes for the words that are streaming through our heads too, so don't think you're off the hook if you're not actually speaking them. But often we don't take into consideration is the actual meaning of our words. I think if we did, and we consciously acknowledged the meaning of everything we say, we would (hopefully) catch those negative words before they spilled out of our mouths and replace them with positive ones. 

So before we can do this, we need to think about what we say before we say it. If we can learn the meaning behind what we say we can control our thoughts. It's like DIY neuro-lingustic programming! After thinking about all of this, I remembered a quote that I had once read that I thought would be perfect to post for today. 
First learn the meaning of what you say, and then speak. –Epictetus
This is certainly something to keep in mind. So let's all work on learning the meaning behind the words that are coming from our mouths before we actually say them. Are they positive/negative? Am I making a good/bad impression on someone with these words? Is what I am saying going to put me in a better mindset? It's a lot to think about, I know, but it's well worth it. Check out the article that I read and I bet you'll be surprised at just how important our words are to our happiness.

Keep Smiling,

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  1. I really do try at least be aware of my negativity and complaining and if it does become overly obnoxious, I normally am able to let it go. Today not withstanding of course. :) Tomorrow I start my day with a good dose of yoga and then will carry your words with me with a smile on my face. Thanks so much for the reminder. We all need it now and then. :)



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