Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You Look Like Spring


Hello Optimists,

Well all of this summer-like weather has certainly made me happy. There's nothing I like more than the warm air and sunshine, and I've been soaking it all in for the past few days. Unfortunately the temperatures are supposed to fall a little bit in the coming days and I think some rain is in the forecast, but now that I've got a taste of the real spring/summer weather, that's all I can look forward to.

I've written about spring before in my Spring Has Sprung post, and I think this is one season that is welcomed by almost everyone. There's just something about the flowers blooming, the birds chirping, the clear blue skies, and the warm sun that gets everyone energized and brings them out from their winter hibernation. Spring just has a way of making everyone smile, be in a better mood, and get motivated to enjoy the day, plus it's a sign of the good weather to come in summer...that's why I'm so excited that it has finally rolled around.

I read a quote the other day that I absolutely loved and I knew I had to post it as soon as I could. Never before had I thought about the connection between spring and optimists, but this quote sure provided me with the connection. So, here it is:
An optimist is the human personification of spring. ~Susan Bissonnette
See, I told you it was a good one. And it's right on too! Optimists are just like spring. With our positive attitudes and cheerful spirits, we are sure to make everyone smile, be in a better mood, get motivated to enjoy their day, and be a sign of the good things that are to come in our lives...hmm haven't we heard that before? Yeah, it's just like the description of spring in the opening of this post. Everyone is always so excited to see the signs of spring and I'm sure they are just as excited to see the signs of optimism in themselves and their friends. The warmth of a smile means just as much as the warmth of the sunshine and both are always welcomed.

Well, it seems like we've found another good reason to be an optimist. I'm so glad I found this quote and I will certainly be keeping it in mind every time I see the daffodils and tulips sprouting from the ground and watch the grass grow greener each day. Each time that spring brightens my day, I will be sure to pay it forward by brightening someone else's day through optimism, and I hope you will too.

Keep Smiling,

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