Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How to be Right All the Time


Hello Optimists,

Yesterday's post was all about believing in yourself and I shared a few little "signs" that I received that all pointed in that same direction...first my horoscope, then the quote that I featured in the post...and later on in the day yesterday, I got yet another "sign". It's getting a little bit weird now, but I'll take this as a positive thing and a strong message that I should really be believing in myself. So the third little sign I got was when I happened to stumble upon an article online called, get this, "Today's Meditation: How to Believe in Yourself". I couldn't help but to chuckle out loud when I read the headline, trying to get past the irony in it all. It's really amazing how your thoughts can come to life...

So this is precisely why I am so committed to positive thinking, and why I'm on a quest to share this information with all of you. Our thoughts have incredible power and, if we took the time to notice, they also have a direct reflection on our overall happiness.

This all reminded me of one of my favorite quotes that is also about believing in yourself and the power of your positive (or negative) thoughts. I thought it would be perfect to share in light of this recent string of events that seems to be focused around this very topic...
Whether you think that you can, or that you can't, you are usually right. -Henry Ford
This is such a great quote and one that I keep in mind all the time. And it's quite true....if we think that we can do something, that we have the ability and the drive to get something we want, then we're going to get it. At the same time, if we think that we can't do something, that we're just not good enough, it's just "not meant to be", then we're right; we can't get it. This is probably the only time you can be right in choosing either answer. I wish this was true in math class...

This is such an important thing to remember because without realizing the power of our thoughts, it's easy to just give up and lose the confidence it takes to succeed. But if we are conscious of the way we think and make our thoughts and actions positive, we will certainly get, say it with me here, positive results. It's all about having that "can-do" attitude. The way we express ourselves through our thoughts and actions is the way our mind and body will react; so if we keep our thoughts positive, our brain will start to believe these thoughts as true, and we will be able to do what we put our mind to.

So take a minute today to read that short little article I stumbled upon (but ironically, not through the website StumbleUpon) and try to store today's featured quote in the back of your mind. I guarantee that it will be useful in your journey to positive thinking.

Keep Smiling,

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