Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lessons from The Food Network (No Food Involved)

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Hello Optimists,

I don't know about you, but I am slightly addicted to The Food Network. There are just too many good shows on that channel...all the time! Now, I must say that my favorite TV chef is hands down Giada DeLaurentiis (gotta show some love for my Italian girls!) She always makes incredible meals -of course I have tried out a few recipes-, has a great TV personality, is super cute, and always shows us that cooking is not only about the food, but the people you share it with. Unfortunately she doesn't have her own station, so I am forced to tune in to some other chefs as they whip up some "delish" meals. But I'm never disappointed.

Whether it's watching the artists of Ace of Cakes build a sky high model of the Empire State building using only fondant and cake, Claire Robinson whip up a mouth-watering meal using only five ingredients, or cringing as the host of Man vs. Food consumes enough food to feed a small village, The Food Network is my go-to channel. When all else fails, I know I can always click it on and find something good.

Paula Deen is one TV chef that has recently been growing on me. My stomach used to grumble while I would watch her show, warning me that if I should even dare put that much butter into anything I was making, there would be serious consequences, but I just can't resist her bigger-than-life personality. She's always upbeat, obviously passionate about what she does, and just seems like a truly happy person....and it seems like that personality is contagious. Though her meals may not be the most nutritious of the bunch, this Southern Belle has certainly gained a lot of loyal fans. Recently, I watched an interview of hers and was quite impressed by what she had to say. Listening past her cute little southern twang, I found that she had very insightful advice to give to the viewers, and I thought this would be perfect to share with you for today's featured quote. So as you read it, feel free to insert your best Georgia accent...
There's no sin in failure, but there is sin in not trying. -Paula Deen
Coming from a TV chef like Paula, this is pretty heavy...but I think it is incredibly great advice nonetheless. Sometimes failure is just a state of mind...more like a lack of confidence in the pursuit of our journey. There's nothing wrong with failure- at least we know we tried to make or do something, or make an idea come to life. Sure, failure kinda stinks and no one really likes it, but what's worse is holding yourself back and not trying the things you want to do. Not giving something a try is instant failure. It's guaranteed. But if we give things a try, we may experience a "failure" just as a sign that it's just not meant to be...and there's nothing wrong with that, it just means it's time to move on and try something new.

If you're ever looking for something good to watch on TV, look no further than The Food Network....you might be surprised that you learn a little bit more than just a new recipe for a killer bolognese sauce. Remember these words of wisdom from today and keep in mind that it's only our fear of failure that's keeping us from success. So as Paula would say, "Go out and give it you're best, y'all!"

Keep Smiling,


  1. My three year old LOVES Giada! She actually asks to watch her on a regular basis and we are happy to oblige!

    Kathy over at http://blisspot.blogspot.com/

  2. Food Network is great. Definitely my favorite channel to watch on TV. Paula is great!


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