Monday, May 10, 2010

SNL Revival


Hello Optimists,

Hope you all had a great weekend! So who watched Saturday Night Live this weekend with Betty White as the host? You all better be raising your hands right now. This is a show which relies on star power to bring in its viewers, featuring a new celebrity host and musical guest each week to make America laugh. Bringing on an 88 year old woman wouldn't normally seem like a way to bring on a show's best ratings in a year and a half, but Betty White sure did it for SNL.

I've always been a huge Golden Girls fan and that's where I first saw Betty White - playing Rose Nylund, the naive, air-headed senior citizen living with three other hilarious roommates in Miami. I can't help myself from watching late night reruns of that show on Lifetime.... and don't tell anyone, but I just might have a season of it on DVD. But Betty White didn't make her small screen debut on that show; turns out she's been around for decades. And thanks to all of the recent buzz she's been getting since the announcement of her SNL debut, I've learned a lot about her life in front of the camera. Look up her IMDB profile and it's full of performance listings, from "The Betty White Show" in the 1950's to a new show's pilot just shot this year. So while it may seem that anyone nearing the age of 90 is well past their prime, Betty shows us that that's just not the case. Her undeniable wit, perfect comedic timing, and the sweetest disposition anyone can have make her name stand out against the crowd even despite her age.

After reading a little bit about her, it turns out that she has a lot more to offer than just quick one-liners. I found this quote by Betty and thought it would be a great one to feature for today.
Keep the other person's well-being in mind when you feel an attack of soul-purging truth coming on. -Betty White
Well this is certainly good advice. Sometimes we can be too quick to speak, and when that happens, we find ourselves wishing we could suck our words back from the air before anyone had a chance to hear them. What we should do is think about how our words can affect other people before we make the decision to speak. So instead of saying whatever comes to mind without any hesitation, maybe we should try to take a moment to think about what we're going to say before we say it.

So thanks, Betty, for making us all laugh for so many years and for speaking true words of wisdom. I think I'll show my gratitude by watching a few extra episodes of The Golden Girls this week. If you didn't get a chance to watch SNL this weekend, reserve a few minutes to catch will not be disappointed. So before you leave today, here's a clip of her opening monologue to give you a little taste. Enjoy!

So what did you think? Are you a Betty White fan?

Keep Smiling,

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