Thursday, June 24, 2010

Flavors of Life


Hello Optimists,

Thanks for all of the comments on yesterday's post- I am happy to report that after almost a full day of painting, the "accent wall" looks great and I'm really pleased with the result! Yayy!

I've never actually painted a room of that size before, but luckily I had some experienced helpers that made sure I didn't screw anything up. Now that it's over, I'd say that I could definitely do it again and be pretty confident in my wall painting abilities. I took yesterday's spontaneous adventure as a challenge to learn something new and to change things up a bit, and I'm happy I did.

I like taking on challenges, because after it's all said and done, even if I didn't necessarily "succeed" or come out on top, chances are I definitely learned something. And really, that's all we should be concerned about. Today's featured quote is one that I've had on my "favorites" list for a while, so I'm happy to share it with you in this post. It reminds me that taking on a good challenge once in a while can really bring in some great benefits...
Every challenge offers the opportunity to think a new flavor of thought and feel a new flavor of emotion. The more varied the flavors of life you get to taste, the more interesting, layered, educated, and world-experienced you'll be. -Karen Salmansohn
This is such a great quote, isn't it? And it's quite true; think about some recent challenges you've faced and the new opportunities that they've presented you. Even if this "challenge" is not something that was exciting or note-worthy, just think about how much you shook up the "flavors" in your life. Maybe you got the opportunity to try something new as a result of this challenge, or got a better understanding of something. Maybe you met someone though this challenge that you might have otherwise not have encountered. As long as the layers of your life have been thickened through this experience, then your challenge has presented you with some life-changing benefits.

Don't be afraid to try something new or take on a challenge. You might be surprised as to how much you can learn and experience from that one little event. I know I want to experience as many flavors of life as I about you?

Keep Smiling,

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