Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Holy Crap. I'm Old.


Hello Optimists,

I have to admit that for pretty much my whole life now, I've been enjoying that feeling of youth, that feeling of only having to worry about what new outfit to pick out for school, or being completely convinced that boys will have cooties forever. Lately though, that feeling has been fleeting quite quickly, and I've been getting some reminders of it on a regular basis. The fact that I need to scroll down for a bit on a drop-down menu online to reach my year of birth scares me a little, and seeing my "little" neighbors going off to senior prom or cruising down the street with a shiny new drivers' license stops me in my tracks. Earlier in the week, my little cousin came to stay at my house for a night and it was then that I thought, holy crap. I'm old.

I guess I've never really noticed such an age difference with the younger cousins in my family, but now it's to the point that while everyone used to be "young" together, I'm pretty much out of that category now. It all started out when she whipped out her cell phone to start texting, and I thought, "family cell phones" were just coming into being when I was her age, let alone having one for every member of the family. Then, to make it even better, she took out some kind of hand held Nintendo thing or something (see, this is exactly what I mean! I don't even know that her little device was called!!) and I was in awe of this little gadget that could take pictures, play video games, make slide shows, record sound, and probably a million other things that I don't even want to know about. 

And then, here's the kicker, she mentioned in conversation that she was born in 2001. 2001!?!? Wasn't that like, yesterday? That just seems so weird to me, to be born in the "new millennium"... and then I thought, Sweetie, I have a car that's older than you. 

But I guess that all comes with the territory of life, and I will admit, "feeling old" wasn't so bad after all. It was fun to see what the kids are up to these days, and it actually got me thinking about the future. I bet my parents never even thought about all of the amazing things we have in our everyday life today, but it's hard to even think of what the future might hold for us. It seems like we're so advanced now, I honestly don't know what new things will come out next. But the future is in our hands as well as the little hands of those kids born in the 2000's. That's why this quote for today seemed to be the perfect fit.

I know not what the future holds, but I know who holds the future. -Unknown

This is a pretty good one, and it reminds us that we need to know what responsibility we (and even our little kids or cousins) have in the future of our world. Even if we may feel old, like me now unfortunately, we shouldn't be afraid of what is unknown about the future, but be excited that we are teaching those who will have a hand in it and that we have a chance to be a part of it too. I look forward to the day when someone holds up a DVD and thinks it's the most ridiculous way to store videos, or to the time when a new generation doesn't know what a gasoline-only car is. I'm looking forward to the future, even though I have no idea what it holds, because I know we have the power to make the best of it. 

Well then, it seems I should be thanking my little cousin for making me feel old...right?

Keep Smiling,

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  1. HAHA I really like this one! Thanks Zoe!


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