Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Laugh It Up

Photo: swapmeetdave.com

Hello Optimists,

Last night was the premiere of the new season of Last Comic Standing, and thank goodness, because I've been looking for a new sitcom or something funny to watch at night. This seemed to be the perfect thing to fill that void that has been left in the wake of the summer season's TV schedule. The first few episodes are always a little shaky while those that aren't the best are weeded out - and then the real competition can begin. But I must say, for the first episode, there were some really funny comics on, so I think it will be a good season.

Both of my parents are pretty good "laughers", if you will, so it's no surprise that there's nothing I like better than a good, hearty, belly-shaking laugh. By definition, laughter is an audible expression or the appearance of happiness, or an inward feeling of joy. Hmph, it seems to me that this is something we should all be loving. I'm always looking for ways to let my happiness show, and this just might be the best way to do it.

Laughing is an easy way to show and create joy, whether it is with others or just by yourself. There's no easier way to brighten your day, and it doesn't take much effort to do. And in my opinion, it's even more contagious than a yawn. And we love to hear people laughing, no matter if they're young or old, tall or short...it's the one thing that anyone can do and can share with anyone around them. After getting a good little ab workout watching last night's episode of Last Comic Standing, I remembered a good quote about laughter and thought it would be perfect to feature for today's post. 
Seven days without laughter makes one weak. -Mort Walker
You know, this is really true. I can hardly go seven hours without laughing, let alone seven days, and I think it should be like this for everyone. I don't know anyone who doesn't like to laugh or make others laugh. There's just something about it that is so uplifting...it just makes you feel better

I read up on some pretty interesting articles about studies on laughter and its health benefits. You'd be surprised at what laughter can do for you. Check out  The Stress Management and Health Benefits of Laughter and Laughter is the Best Medicine.

So don't be a weakling, and be sure to laugh as much as you can. There's no better way to spread happiness.

Keep Smiling,


  1. V I love the pic it is sooooo cute!!!

  2. I love the pic, I love the quote, and I too love to laugh!! Seagulls...

  3. Kylie- Thanks for the comment, glad you liked the pic!!

    Liz-Glad you liked this one too..and when the seagulls come out, you know it's a good laugh : )


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