Thursday, June 10, 2010

We're All Advertising Execs


Hello Optimists,

Yesterday the "Best Commercials of 2009" were announced and I saw the lineup of these great ads on The Today Show. I found it really interesting because a common theme among all of the top-ranking ads was humor, and it just so happened that Monday's post was all about letting laughter into your life. What a great little connection! In an interview with Matt Lauer, the President of the Association of Independent Commercial Producers said one thing that really made me feel good about Monday's post. He said, "Humor is a great way to get your message across", and while that is obviously true in the advertising industry, I think this little rule of thumb can be applied to any situation. In case you missed the segment on The Today Show, the top ranking TV ads were the E*Trade Babies, Snickers, FedEx, and taking the top spot, Old Spice. I must say, I agree with their selection...this one is just too funny!

Humor really does have a great effect in the advertising world. And when you've got the right advertisement, sales are sure to increase. I found a great quote about this idea, but once again, I believe it has even more meaning besides in advertising.
Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising. -Mark Twain
Sure, this is definitely true of the ad industry, but I think it is true of our lives as well. Of course, our society is a little bit crazy, so not all those that are "made large" are so because of the "right" kind of advertising. But for the most part, those that have advertised their personal brand well enough and in the right kind of light are sure to reach success. We can go from a small name to a big name all by the way we portray ourselves and how we present ourselves in front of others. It's all about advertising. 

In a sense, we're all advertising execs for a company of one, though we may not all be earning the salary of an exec. We've got to be conscious of how our brand name is being represented, and it's so important that the things we do, say, think, and act all reflect the person we want to be. We've got to use the right kind of advertising. So today, try to think of yourself as a walking billboard, and ask yourself, "Is this the kind of ad I want to be showing for myself?"

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  1. You always ask such great questions!! I am definitely working on "my brand" these days...

    I gave you a blog award today... Click here to check it out. No response needed unless you want. Just know I appreciate your blog!


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