Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's Holding Me Back?


Hello Optimists,

A while ago I posted about this "idea" that I had churning inside of my head...and while I'm happy to report that it's still there churning away, I can't seem to get it any further developed than that. It's like I've hit an invisible barrier and just can't move forward with my idea. I know what I want to do and have been thinking through different options and ways of getting it done, but I just can't take the next step. What's holding me back?

Unfortunately, I know the answer. I know that I'm holding me back. I don't know why either...I usually like to take on challenges and try new things, but I guess this time I'm afraid to try something new. I feel like I'm an amateur, that no one will take me or my idea there it lies, safely in my mind. I guess I feel that being an amateur disqualifies me from success, though I know that's not entirely true. It may, however, keep some people from taking this idea seriously, but that makes it all the more fun once I can prove them wrong! Of course, I can't do that until I actually put my idea to action...

I've been reading through some really great quotes the past few days, and the motivational and inspirational ones have really been "speaking" louder than usual to me. I guess it's because this has all been on my mind lately. So while today I could probably list about 10 really great quotes, I will stick to one like usual and save the rest for other posts. I picked this one in particular because it reminds me not to let certain "qualifications" stand in my way. After all, some of the greatest successes have been created by those who weren't experts in that particular field.
Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs build the ark; professionals built the Titanic. -Unknown
Well, I am certainly not building an ark, nor will I be attempting to build the largest passenger ship of our time. But this quote just goes to show that great things can be done by anyone. I'm trying to make a conscious effort to think positively about my ideas and build up the confidence to make them into a reality.

So Optimists, I'm reaching out to all of you here...what do you do to get past that "invisible roadblock" that so often holds us back?

Keep Smiling,

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