Friday, August 6, 2010

Lock and Key


Hello Optimists,

I was in the market for a new bike lock to make sure my bright and shiny new bike doesn't get swiped from the rack, and I was quite surprised at the variety of locks there is to choose from. I was expecting to walk into the aisle, scan through the shelves until I spotted a lock, grab one, and head for the check out. Well, it wasn't quite that easy. Not only are there 5 different brands all claiming to be the "#1 selling bike lock company", but there are also many different kinds. Do I want a U-shaped lock, a cable combination, a key lock, a padlock, a long cable, a short cable...? Gee, all I wanted was a little lock, and there I stood with 10 pounds of metal in my hands, trying to decide which would be best.

I ultimately decided on the short cable key lock if for no other reason than I knew I would always have the key on me and wouldn't have to worry about forgetting my combination! It's kind of funny to me that we even need to lock up our bikes here- thinking back to when I was in Amsterdam, there were literally hundreds of bikes on every street corner, and not one of them had a lock. There just must be a universal understanding between everyone there not to steel someone else's bike. I wish we could catch on to that!

So as I was thinking more about our security issues here in the U.S. and about the purpose of a lock and key- to keep a controlled and limited access of something of importance to us- I couldn't help but remember this quote I once read. I searched through my list to find it, and I thought it would go perfectly with my little bike lock story. Plus it's a good one to keep in mind, so alas, here is today's featured quote:
Your attitude is either the lock on, or the key to the door of success. -Denis Waitley 
The "door of success" can be thought of as my bike- something very important that I want to keep in good condition (a.k.a. out of the hands of strangers and thieves!). When it's locked up and bound to the bike rack, it's out of commission and cannot be ridden. But that can change very easily when I whip out my key and unlock it, allowing free access and giving myself the ability to steer it any way I wish. In either case- the lock or the key- we can think of this as our attitude. Our attitude can definitely be that lock on the door to success, and just like the bike lock, can keep us and our successes "out of commission", with no room for riding. Or, our attitude can be the key to our door of success. (This is a much better option). With our key, we open up the possibilities for our successes- like our bike, once that chain comes off, we're free to ride. With a good attitude that acts as the key to our successes, we can steer ourselves in any direction we please. And once we've done that, look out Lance Armstrong, we're coming at ya!

What's simple about this is that we don't have to decide whether we need a padlock, a key lock, a U-shape, etc. We just need to decide whether we want in our out. Do we want to lock up that door that leads to our successes, or do we want a big ol' brass key to open it up? We can make the decision as to which end we'd like to be on.

I think I'll take the about you?

Keep Smiling,


  1. I'll take the key too :-).

    And I can totally relate to trying to sort through all the different bike locks out there! I ended up getting a pretty standard chain lock with a number combination.

  2. Hi Vanessa, I dropped by on your BON day but got called away before I could say "Congratulations on being a Blogger of Note!"
    I'd take the key every time and isn't it great that when one door closes another always opens?
    I will be back to read more :-)

  3. Congrats on the BON. I love your photos; they almost look professional. I look forward to following your blog and trying my hardest to stay positive. Before I buy anything (including bike locks) is by googling the object, eg, "bike locks" review. E-pinions is also a great place to read before you buy. All the best, Heather


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