Friday, August 27, 2010

A Quote in Question


Hello Optimists,

During my usual morning headline scanning, I came across an article that I whole-heartedly thought must have been a misprint. I was sure of it. There had to be a typo somewhere here, because the title was "Child Stars Turning 30", featuring well-known names like Macaulay Culkin, Ben Savage and Isaac Hanson- who as we all know, are no where near the ago of 30, right? Well that's odd, I thought. I could swear I was just yesterday sitting on my couch, watching them on TV, and eating a bowl of Trix in my Little Mermaid jammies...or maybe that was like, 15 years ago. Oops.

But really, I felt like I grew up with these people and they were "just like me" (or so the TV producers wanted me to think). Not that I think 30 is old or anything, but I'm used to seeing their little baby faces, hearing their high-pitched voices, and watching them holding hands with mom and dad. AND NOW YOU'RE TELLING ME THEY'RE 30?! 

Ah, well, I guess you can all relate to this. Unfortunately, we can't all be like Tommy Pickles and be 3 years old indefinitely. So it got me thinking about how quickly time is traveling and how much each moment really counts. I immediately thought of this quote - or question - that I had once come across that really made an impression on me.
What is it you plan to do with this one wild and precious life? -Mary Oliver 
Good question. I think about what my answer to this would be quite often...and I'm not exactly sure I've nailed down the answer yet, but I think it's interesting that she refers to "this one wild and precious" life that we live, as if to reinforce it's delicacy and relatively short existence. It is wild, and it certainly is precious. We have to know that right from the start. So what do we plan to do with it to make it the best? What can we do to live our lives to its fullest potential before the day comes when Dora the Explorer can collect Social Security??

So this weekend, I leave you with this "quote in question". I'm not sure if you'll be able to answer it right now, but it's something to think about. Maybe you have an idea of what you'd like to do with your one wild and precious life, but have never put any of that thought to action. Maybe you already have an answer and are well on your way, living an awesome life. Wherever you are, remember that we only have one wild and crazy ride, and we have to enjoy every moment that we can.

Keep Smiling,

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  1. Yes lucky enough to be living our awesome life in Italy but only because we had a few personal wake up calls in our forties that made us realise you only get one bash at this :)


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