Monday, August 16, 2010

Signs, Signs and More Signs, Part 1

Photo: from me!
Hello Optimists,

This week brings the official end of summer for me. But I can't complain, the past few months have been the absolute, hands down, no-doubt-about-it, best of my life - so it only seems fair that things get back to "the norm" for a bit. 

Though I've been having a lot of fun, I haven't let my optimistic outlooks on life wane at all; in fact, it seems as if signs of positivity have been following me everywhere I go! Bumper stickers, signs, books, t-shirts, buttons, and many other things all have caught my eye. The things that would often be overlooked by the average person seemed to be highlighted with blinking lights for me, and it seemed that no matter where I turned, there was another sign poking its head around the corner. 

This past week in particular a lot of signs - both literal and figurative - have crossed my path, and each time I'd see a new one, I couldn't help but smile and laugh to myself. Take for instance the picture at the top of the post. In a random pile of rubble in the corner of a messy retail space, this sign emerged from the other random articles of clothing and accessories. Among a heap of purses, vases, shoes, chairs, and bags, there was this sign waiting for me. I knew immediately that I had to feature this in one of my posts, and after stumbling on some other signs over the next few days, I thought I would make a whole week's worth of posts dedicated to the signs I found. Or maybe more appropriately, to the signs that found me.
Happiness is not a destination. It is a way of life.
This is such a great little saying. We often look to happiness as a place we want to reach, an island where there are no clouds or sadness, where birds chirp and people always greet you with a smile. That sounds like a nice place, right? Well while we'd all like to live in a place like this, we all know that there isn't a Happy Island somewhere out there that's reachable with our frequent flier miles. Happiness is not a destination. Instead we must remember that we can live on Happy Island 365 days a year from any point on earth, even right in the comfort of our own home town. We can do this because happiness is a way of life. So whether we live on the east coast or the west coast, on a boat or in a cave, we all have the chance to reach happiness. How we choose to live our lives determines how happy we can be.

I know that since starting this blog I have made a conscious effort to carry my positivity with me wherever I go. I chose to make my way of life known- not only to my friends and family, but most importantly, to myself. Happiness is part of the lifestyle that I have chosen to live, and it's because of that that I can "vacation" on Happy Island whenever I want. In fact, I think I'll take up permanent residency here...

I'll be sharing more of the other signs I stumbled upon in this week's coming posts.

Keep Smiling,

P.S. What do you think of my new layout? Share your likes/dislikes with me...I'd love to know your opinion! 


  1. I read somwhere....

    Dewey Beach A Way Of Life


  2. Austin, Texas is a way of life, too. Love your blog design. Some day I'll have to get off my kiester and change some things around my place!

  3. I so believe in this philosophy and it has been what I've believed for many, many years. I've heard people say, "someday I'll be happy when I do this" or "if I only had this or that then I'd be truly happy". Well, my response to that is that if they aren't happy now that attaining something isn't going to cause happiness because then they'll just want something else.

    Nobody or nothing can make us happy, but we must choose to be happy.

    Tossing It Out


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