Friday, August 20, 2010

Signs, Signs, and More Signs: Part 4

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Hello Optimists,

So far this week all of the positive signs I have shared with you were displayed (or rather, randomly placed) in a store window. But today’s message comes from a bit of a different place. As you can probably tell, the positive sign came from a Pepsi box. Way back when I drank soda, Pepsi was my favorite because I thought it tasted the best. Sorry to all of you Coke fans out there! These days, even though I don’t drink soda anymore, Pepsi is still my favorite- but not only because of that wonderfully sweet taste I remember bubbling in my mouth.

PepsiCo has been doing a lot lately to make the world a better place. Besides spreading this “Do Good” message, they’re throwing millions of dollars into their “Pepsi Refresh” project, which is inspiring everyone in the world to pitch an idea that gives back to their community, and they’ll help make it a reality. I’ve been on their website and searched through some of the Refresh Projects, and I’ll tell you, they’re really impressive. If you're interested about learning more about it, you can watch a little video on their site that explains it all.

The message on the box is simple: Do Good. I liked it so much that it’s now the wallpaper background on my phone, so every time I slide it open to check the time or make a call, it serves as a little reminder. But don’t let the simplicity of this little phrase fool you- those words carry a lot of weight. What I like best about it is that “good” can be defined in any way we’d like to interpret it…so there’s a lot of different kinds of good that can be done! Doing good things makes you (and the people you’re doing good for) very happy…and that’s why I immediately thought of today’s featured quote after thinking about this simple little message sent out by Pepsi.
Happiness is there for the taking- and making. –Oprah Winfrey
I really like this quote (and not only because it’s from Oprah). It’s really true- sometimes we think of happiness as something only we ourselves can have, but really, it’s something that we can help create in someone else’s life. It really is there for the taking and making, and thanks to big names like PepsiCo and Oprah, the word is out.

So let’s make sure that we get out there, Do some Good and remember to not only seek happiness, but create it.

Keep Smiling,

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  1. Hey there, O.O.!! I'm sorry I haven't been by lately to comment. In fact, I just realized I hadn't even "officially" become a follower yet. I was sure I did, but it must've been one of those days when my computer froze up or something, and it wouldn't let me...and then...I forgot! I just love your optimistic, happy way of thinking. I remember either commenting or e-mailing you right after you were the BON on WOW. I've "officially" added you to my Blog List, so now I won't forget to stop by! Have a wonderful weekend!


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