Monday, August 23, 2010

Signs, Signs, and More Signs: Part 5

Photo: from me!

Hello Optimists,

Hope you had a great weekend! My "Signs" posts continue this week, and today's is one of my favorites.

I'm all into living a healthy life...physically, mentally, and emotionally. I like to put good foods into my body (which, yes, does include an occasional cone of ice cream!), play sports, go to the gym or take a bike ride outside, and of course, think positively. It's pretty interesting to note that while these things may seem like they are taken care of in completely different areas of our life, they do have an important link.

I will admit that I myself did not spot this sign, though it was almost right in front of my face. (The credit for this one goes to Ange!) I'm hoping that my positive sign spotting will now be shared with others around me...and I think this wish is really coming true. I don't want to get too ahead of myself here, but just to give you a little preview, tomorrow's post was sent to me from one of my friends...and it's a great one!

So getting back to today's sign...Ange and I were sitting in a pharmacy when she spotted this sign of positivity above a blood pressure machine of all things. "Look at the first thing on the list," she said, nodding her head to the sign above me. "There's another sign."

And there it was. The #1 health factor you can control to better your overall well-being is... attitude.
A positive outlook can be the first step toward lasting wellness. 
This was good news, first because that meant I wouldn't feel half as bad going home to open up the freezer, grabbing a spoon, and diving into my pint of dolce de leche. But also because this shows that optimism is a proven way to better physical and mental health. I did a little Google search of "optimism health benefits" and was amazed at the amount of articles linking positive thinking to physical health benefits. You should definitely do a little Google search of your own, but here are some great articles I read through:

Positive Thinking: Reduce Stress, Enjoy Life More (Mayo Clinic)
Optimism May Have Life-Extending Benefits (Health News)
Take the Path of Health and Psychology (Self Help Magazine)

So the signs are all around us (literally this week!) and they're all pointing toward optimism. Positive thinking is so important to our lives, and I hope that after reading through some of this science-supported research, that we can all start on a path toward being Optimal Optimists.

If you have seen or happen to see signs of positivity around you, take a picture and send it to me at I would love to continue this series with more signs submitted by you to show that positive signs are everywhere!

Keep Smiling,

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