Thursday, August 5, 2010

Think Positive Thoughts

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Hello Optimists,

It was so great to connect with some new bloggers yesterday- being a Blogger of Note really does have its benefits! I loved visiting new blogs and reading posts about a variety of spiced things up a bit! All of the encouraging comments I received yesterday made me realize even more the power behind positive thinking, so of course, this inspired me to keep on writing!

It's pretty interesting to think about the power that words play in our lives. Whether they are spoken, read, heard, or written, they have an impact. The good words can really lift you up, while the bad ones can drag you down- but either way, your attitudes, thoughts and beliefs have been affected. I know when I see or hear inspiring words, they stick with me- partly because I try my hardest to keep them fresh in my memory so I can blog about them, and also because I like to embody those words and make them part of my life. I try to keep those words fresh in my mind so that whenever I need a little boost, I know just where to turn.

But having an inventory of good phrases and quotes in your mind is only half the battle. The way we think about these words is also very important. Today's featured quote really enforces this idea, so I thought it would be perfect to use in today's post.
Your life is what your thoughts make it. -Marcus Aurelius 
Ah, so true! Our thoughts really do make a difference in how we live our lives! So of course this means that positive thinking = a positive life, right? Well, it takes some work, I know, but if we can commit ourselves to just one more optimistic thought a day, we can be on the road to living a happier life. We can all live the good life...and it starts with thinking good thoughts.

I hope that you know the incredible power your thoughts have on your daily life. So keep at it; think at least one more positive thought today and soon enough, you'll be an Optimal Optimist!

Keep Smiling,


  1. Life is great! i love so much this page...! pure positive energy for all! love & light!

  2. i was optimal optimist until i started living with a really negative person...and its spoils me inside but i just thought its a challenge...i said to myself..if i conquer this theres nothing i cant do.

    1. you're right! There's nothing you can't do. And you can totally be an Optimal Optimist if you're living with a negative person...just takes some more work! Sounds to me like you're up for the challenge though!


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