Monday, September 13, 2010

Brighten Things Up


Hello Optimists,

I was at the mall this weekend for Fashion's Night Out- it was packed with people, events, food, and giveaways- so it was really fun! Many of the stores had special window displays to celebrate the event, while others tried to pull customers in with sales, freebies, and even in-store DJ's for the night. But there is one store that never needs any of this stuff to pull me in; the bright and colorful prints and cheery decor on the inside of the stores are enough to grab my attention. Lilly Pulitzer is one store that is just tooooo cute!

I'm sure you've probably heard of this brand- or at least would be able to recognize its signature pink and green logo and Palm Beach designs. So I knew I needed to go in just to browse (and pick up some free cupcakes and cocktails that they were giving out!) and enjoy the cheerful atmosphere. While I marveled at all of the cute little dresses and colorful clothes, I looked all around the store admiring the design. I was pleasantly surprised to see the top of the walls adorned with a wonderful little message for shoppers, and fell in love with this brand even more. Painted at the top was the company's tag line:

"Lead a colorful life." -Lilly Pulitzer
Quite appropriate for a brand whose colors are the brightest of the brights, but also a perfect message to send to customers. Leading a colorful life is something we really need to do! We need to mix things up, keep life exciting, and surround ourselves with things that make us happy. Leading a colorful life is a surefire way to make sure this happens.

If the paint swatches of your life are looking a little bland, here are a few ways to brighten things up:

-Add colorful accessories to your wardrobe. Just a little splash of color can take any bland outfit into a stylish, cheerful and sophisticated look.
-Listen to new kinds of music. If your radio station has only one programmed station, try hitting the seek button and see what you find!
-Cook with colorful foods. Not only are they good for you, but they look much more appetizing on the plate!
-Rearrange your furniture. Or, if you don't have much space to work with,  try introducing new colors with new pillows, rugs, or artwork.)
-Take a new route to work. That drive you take everyday can get real bland, real fast. Take a left instead of a right and see what new places you might discover!
-Hang out with some friends you haven't seen in a while. Reuniting with friends and family you haven't seen in some time can be refreshing.
-Do something that makes you smile.
-Try some new types of food. You may just find that you have a new favorite cuisine!

Next time you're passing a Lilly Pulitzer store, stop in and take a look around. I bet the bright colors and patterns will really cheer you up, and if nothing else, at least it will remind you to lead a colorful life. Oh, and if you'd like to read a little blurb about the Lilly Pulitzer story, click here to check out the fun story behind the brand.

Keep Smiling,

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  1. I'm a Lilly fan myself! Lilly Pulitzer KOP is on Facebook so if you have it,

    Hi there!

    "Lead a Colorful Life"

    I like that one too. It makes so much more sense to surround ourselves with optimistic and happy things so we have plenty to look forward to in our future. I also like your tips of experimenting with different colors and patterns that are "out of the norm" in your wardrobe and listening to a different radio station. I, myself, only listen to custom mixed tapes or cds that remind me of memories from concerts I've attended or specific events so I can continue to harbor good memories and have some "car karaoke" to sing along to in traffic, lol!

    I was at Fashion's Night Out at KOP as well and I do believe this event was very optimistic especially during our less than robust economy.

    Lilly Pulitzer (KOP location - "Lilly Pulitzer KOP) is also on Facebook too. I like Lilly myself. There's something so optimistic about the patterns that can even bring out a ray of sunshine on the greyest day, don't you think?

    Adding your blog to my feed on Google Reader. Were you interested in doing a blog exchange, by any chance? I'm "The Weekly Yogi" @ :)

    Hope to hear from you soon!
    - Vanessa


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