Friday, September 24, 2010

Good Mistakes


Hello Optimists,

I read a great article last night called "5 Mistakes Everyone Should Make" which I thought was a bit of an odd title, because... don't we all try to avoid making mistakes? I know I do. But this post was pretty interesting, and now I am seeing this whole "making mistakes" idea in a different light. Before reading it through, I scanned the article for the 5 things listed and wasn't really convinced that this would offer any insight. I mean, everything on there that we're "supposed" to do are definitely things I try to avoid. So how could this be offering any good advice? Here's what the article listed as the 5 mistakes we should all make:

1. Totally embarrass yourself.
2. Ruffle people's feathers.
3. Follow trends blindly.
4. Be willing to fail- doing something you love.
5. Carelessly put yourself at risk.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I try to steer clear of those things at all cost....totally embarrassing myself always being first on the list of no-no's. And if I do happen to make a mistake, I try to fix it as quickly as I can. For some reason we always classify a mistake as a negative thing, always rushing to cover it up or fix the problem before anyone else can find out. Even if it's the tiniest of mistakes, we can't bare to have anyone notice! That would just be awful.....

But then I took the time to read through the article and realized that making an honest mistake is part of making yourself better. It's part of figuring out who you are, of sticking to your guns, of becoming the person you want to be. Mistakes don't necessarily uncover faults, they reveal a layer of a person that shows their will, their determination, their true sense of self.

The last paragraph of the post held some really powerful words. And while I was reading through it, I stopped to reread this one sentence a few was one of those "aha!" moments of realizing a truth, and I thought I would share this sentence with all of you as today's featured quote.
"Sometimes you have to get in over your head to realize that you're really not in over your head at all." -Amy Ozols
So true. When we're feeling like we're carrying an elephant on our backs, when we've stretched ourselves too think, or when a "failure" is the only possibility for us, we need to keep in mind that we're going to get through it. With our own power, we can make it through any situation challenging us- we just need to have a strong mind and the will to follow our gut.

We all fear making mistakes, but after reading this post I'm not dreading "mistakes" as much. Sure, I'm pretty sure I'll go to any length I can to avoid them, but I'm also going to try to embrace the ones I do make. They're not all bad after all. I hope you too can keep this in mind....take a look at that post for yourself and let me know what you think!

Keep Smiling,


  1. great post! i know i often fear making mistakes (b/c i'm a bit of a perfectionist) but i also know i'll always end up learning from them and doing better next time. live and learn, right?!

  2. As one gets older mistakes are definitely feared less. I am also a perfectionist:)

  3. Ah, Homer ;-). Great quote today too! I've actually been living the first part lately, and I'm hoping I find that I'm not really in over my head after all!


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