Wednesday, October 20, 2010


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Hello Optimists,

Anticipation. The waiting game. Minutes are hours. Hours are days.

I bet you all know how this feels. Anticipating an upcoming event makes time stop, and the thing we are looking forward to seems even farther away that it was a few days ago. I'm looking forward to this weekend, and have been for a while, and it feels like it might just never get here!

I find myself wishing that the hours in my day would fly by, that the days would pass more quickly, that this weekend would finally be upon me. Now, I'm usually all up for living in the moment, as I find every moment of life too interesting and exciting to be overlooked in any way, but this weekend, I want to come right now!

At least, this is how I was feeling before I read today's featured quote. After, however, I realized that in the haste of rushing through my days this week to reach an exciting weekend, I was probably missing out on a lot....
Expecting is the greatest impediment to living. In anticipation of tomorrow, it loses today. -Seneca
This is quite true. When we're waiting around for something, expecting an event, or looking forward to something so much that we disregard all other things in our daily lives, we're missing out on all of the great things that are happening right now.

Now, don't get me wrong- looking ahead is a good thing, and a healthy thing as well. But with that in mind, we've got to remember that in order to get to tomorrow and make it as great a day as we expect it to be, we have to get through today and enjoy what's being presented to us at the moment.

I'm going to try to keep this quote in mind every time I start itching for the weekend, and I hope you will too. Don't stop living today just because tomorrow might be more exciting. Start living, really living, today, and tomorrow is sure to be great.

Keep Smiling,
P.S.  Thank you to all those who have been leaving such insightful and thoughtful comments on my posts. I appreciate your feedback and conversation so much! I've always tried to keep up with them and respond in some way- but now I am making a promise to respond to every one of them in the Comments section of the if you leave me a little message, check back to see my response! I look forward to chatting with you all  : )


  1. I needed to hear this so much. Thank you!! I, for one, am always anticipating upcoming events and holidays all with losing sight on the blessings of today. If I took more advantage of the present, I can imagine all of the bounty that I'll have to live for, right?


  2. Have you ever heard the song.."Don't stop thinkin about tomorrow, it'll soon be here,... Yesterday's gone!

    Love your blog!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your upcoming weekend wherever you may be!!!!!!!!

  3. @Vanessa: Thanks for the comment and I'm so glad this post could come at the right time for you! And you're totally right about taking advantage of the present- it's so important to do!

    @Anonymous: I have heard that song! It's a great one...that's perfect for this post! Hope you had a great weekend too!


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