Monday, November 15, 2010

World Kindness Day

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Hello Optimists,

Today's post is written in celebration of World Kindness Day! (It was officially celebrated Saturday, but for us Optimists, the party never stops for kindness!) I've been reading up on the holiday and its celebrations around the world, and I thought I would share some of the information I found with you:

World Kindness Day evolved from a series of conferences in 1996-1997 in Japan by a group known as the World Kindness Movement. These conferences brought together groups interested in promoting more kindness around the world.  It culminated in the "Declaration of Kindness" on November 13, 1997. With this declaration, a new and very special day was born.

According to the World Kindness Movement websiteWorld Kindness Day is intended to "build a kinder and more compassionate world".

I think it's so great that the whole planet can come together to celebrate this awesome holiday. We need some more kindness in our world and I hope that this movement can catch on and that we can build a positive force that every nation can share. I found a great quote that fits into today's theme very well and I thought it would be perfect to share in today's post...

"How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it!"-George Elliston

This is very true. A kind gesture or a random act of kindness that makes its way into your day can completely turn your mood around. What's so special is that it usually doesn't take much; kindness can be found in the smallest of acts - think of an appreciative "Thank You!" or a stranger who opens up the door for you. These little acts of kindness are sometimes the things that matter most and the things that can make the biggest impact.

In order to celebrate, we must participate. So today, I hope you will make yourself (and someone else) a beautiful day by performing a random act of kindness or offering a kind gesture to those in your life. This is one special moment where the whole world is taking the time to consider the beauty of kindness and I hope it can become not only one special day in our year, but a movement that becomes part of humanity.

Let's join in the fun of a global celebration! If you'd like to leave a comment today, leave your location along with your positive thoughts to share with other readers who are stopping by so we can see the true reach of World Kindness Day! :)

Keep Smiling,


  1. How lovely to have a World Kindness Day...and to keep it we all should keep EVERY day as a kindness day!! And yes, I've done/said a couple of kind acts today!! Thanks for the lovely post!!

  2. @Becky: Thanks for stopping by today- I'm so glad you liked the post! And I'm so happy to hear that you've helped make World Kindness Day great by your kind acts. May you always be surrounded with kindness and have the courage to help keep that spirit alive!

  3. World Kindness Day that is a new one on me, never heard of it here in Italy! I like to think I am a kind person as a matter of course. It is not really good that a special day is needed to make people think is it!

  4. I had no idea! But what a Great idea! I'll have to remember that next year!

    Great post & I love the quote you picked!!


  5. @Linda: You're very right- a special day shouldn't be needed to make people be kind, but perhaps it serves as a little reminder for people to make kindness a priority!

    @Coreen: Glad I could introduce this special day to you! It's never too late to write a post about Kindness can celebrate it any time you like! :)


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