Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pure White Snow

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Hello Optimists,

Two days ago the East coast got its first really big snow storm of the season. As much as I don't like the cold weather or much snow for that matter, I must admit that the first "true" snowfall is always very nice. There's something so beautiful and peaceful about that white stuff that seems to mask the frigid temperatures and whipping wind. Of course, that beauty quickly fades for me, as after only a few minutes outside, I'm ready for it to be summer again. But, winter is here, and I should enjoy it (I guess?) as much as I can.

Last year I wrote a post and poem inspired by a big snowfall in February called Right After the Snow where, believe it or not, I actually found some peace with this wintery stuff. I found that even with something I really dislike, I was able to appreciate it more when I took a moment to find the beauty in it.

If you're thinking about making a New Year's resolution this weekend as we start off 2011, you might want to consider making a promise to yourself to see the beauty in everyday life. It may seem "easy" or even a little bit too light for a "resolution", but I promise you that this is one thing that will really improve your outlook on life.

In thinking about the coming new year, I came across a great quote that hints a bit at the future...
The future lies before you, like paths of pure white snow. Be careful how you tread it, for every step will show. 
This is a really great quote and one that I will certainly be keeping in mind through these winter months and into the new year. We must be ready for the things that the new year will bring and prepare to head in a positive direction with our lives. One of the best parts about newly fallen snow is the incredibly soft, smooth layer it leaves on all it covers. It just waits there for someone or something to interact with it, leaving behind a trail of footsteps and imprints marking a path. Of course, this singular path can lead us right up to the creator of these steps; every step that's made is clearly seen and can be easily followed.

As we head into this new year (and out into this horrid winter weather) we must keep in mind that our steps will be seen by not only us, but by others as well. Make sure to make a positive imprint and leave a path that others will want to follow.

Keep Smiling,

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  1. Very good tips on how to lead by example!

    - Vanessa
    Project Zen


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