Monday, December 13, 2010

A Sign of Advice and A Challenge!

Hello Optimists,

I'm sure many of you have put yourselves into the holiday shopping mode these past few weeks, and (can you believe it?!) we only have a few more shopping days left until the holiday. I'm lucky to live quite close to one of the largest malls in the country - combine that with my love for shopping and the holiday spirit and we've got some trouble! Just the other day, I was traipsing through the mall, listening to the holiday music playing, watching the little kids wait anxiously in line to see Santa, and observing people as they so carefully considered items to take home and put under the tree. I loved doing this, because it seemed that everyone was moving happily along and taking the time to enjoy the holiday festivities all around them. Most of all, I enjoyed walking from store to store and admiring the window displays that so festively invited me in. And because I was shopping alone, I was able to really take everything in and I made sure not to overlook any displays.

I was passing a rather unassuming store, one that did not have flashy holiday decor adorning the storefront or loud music pouring from its entrance, but one that whose easy design attracted my eyes anyway. And just as I was about to glance onto the next storefront window, a sign caught my attention, and its message stopped me in my tracks. Literally. After I read it, I stopped "traffic"- I put all of my bags down, took out my phone, and snapped a picture of it so I could share it with you. I'm not sure if you can see it clearly above, but today's featured quote is the wonderful message I found in that store's window...
"Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, and let go of what you can't change. Kiss slowly, forgive quickly, play hard, take chances, give everything, and have no regrets. Life is too short to be anything but happy. "
Well that was sure packed with some awesome advice, and I absolutely loved that it was being displayed in the front of the store so that everyone could have a chance to see it!  Thinking back, I don't know why I didn't go into the store and just buy it...I think I was too wrapped up in the message to even think about anything else.

This is a quote that I will for sure be keeping in a spot where I can read it every day, and you know what, I just might go back to the mall and buy myself (another) Christmas gift. Hey, no one's going to have to pull my arm to get me to go back to the might as well use this as an excuse! 

The more I read this one, the more I love it, and I hope you do too.

I thought I would make a fun little challenge for all of you Optimists and give you a chance to be featured in a future OO post! Answer the following question in the comment section below or on Facebook and I will pick my favorite (or a few of my favorites!) and use them as a post's featured quote!

So here's the big question: If you could make your own sign of advice, what would yours say? 

Keep Smiling,


  1. What a great sign! If I were to make a sign, it would say, "Happiness is only real when shared." That is a quote from "Into the Wild" and it really resonated with me when I watched that video for the first time this fall. Prior to that moment I really thought I could achieve happiness all by myself, and while I can to a certain extent, I now see how the act of sharing happiness with others magnifies it :-).

  2. The following is a modification of my personal motto and what I would advise anyone to do.

    Live life fully, and experience everything. Take care of yourself. Have fun, be crazy and be weird.

  3. A great sign! Have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to continuing to follow your blog in 2011.

  4. Ya buddy! Great sign.

    Marvelous Minutia

  5. Great post.

    Life is too short to be anything but happy. I like this.

    - Lauren

    Ladaisi Blog

  6. @Ashley: Thanks for sharing your words of advice! That's a really great quote. Check back soon to see it featured in a post.

    @Melissa: Great words of advice - I'm so happy you shared that with us! I'll be posting that soon!!

    @Linda: Thanks for stopping by! I too am looking forward to building our blogger friendship in 2011. Buon Natale : )

    @Ryan: Glad you liked the sign! Thanks for stopping by :D

    @Lauren: Glad you like this one- it's one of my favorites too! Thanks for the comment!

  7. Great post! I love moments like that - that stop you in your tracks and make you take notice! :)

    I love your idea of sharing our own personal "positive quotes"... I will have to think on that for a day or two - I know there are things I think/say but if you read my recent post you'd realize that my ADD takes over again after my meds wear off early in the day!! lol - but it's true!!! I will definitely but some thought into this! I look forward to seeing what others have to say too :)

    Take care!
    Christine :)

  8. My sign of advice would say:
    When you have the gift of friends, what else do you need?

  9. My Sign of Advice..... Live Simply.. Love Deeply.... Be true to Yourself..... Be your own Best Friend..... Carry a LIGHT Heart through LIFE....... Leave the rest to the HIGHER {OWER!!!!!!!!!!

  10. @Christine: Thanks for the comment! I'm looking forward to reading your words of advice! Feel free to share them whenever inspiration strikes!

    @Chris: Love that quote! Thanks for sharing that...keep an eye out for when it's featured!

    @Anonymous: Great words of advice! Thanks for leaving your comment - check back soon to see when it's posted!


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