Monday, February 7, 2011

Having It All

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Hello Optimists,

It was a balmy 45 degrees yesterday and the sun was shining, so in my desperate attempt to welcome spring in as early as possible, I knew I had to spend some time in the sunshine. I decided to pull on my snow boots and go for a walk around the neighborhood - and because I was feeling so daring, I left my gloves at home! Though they were packed tightly in my pockets for the entirety of my walk, I was totally loving the brisk air and almost blinding sunshine.

I purposely left my iPod behind to make sure that nothing could distract me from enjoying the moment. Apparently a lot of other people had the same idea, as there was an unusually large amount of people walking their dogs, jogging, and pushing strollers around the mounds of snow on the sidewalks. I got a good 45 minutes in before the cold started to seep through my layers, so I decided I better call it quits while I was still enjoying myself. As I headed back to my apartment, I noticed that this was the first time in a long time that the weather brought a smile to my face. And it felt real good.

Later on in the day, I StumbledUpon this quote that I thought was really great and I knew I had to share it with you today.
When you come right down to it, the key to having it all is loving it all. -Joyce Brothers
I think that really is the key, isn't it? "Having it all" doesn't really mean we need to have it all, we just need to be able to love it all. When we can learn to appreciate all of the things we have in life, then that's all we'll need.

We should all definitely keep this in mind throughout each day. Before we know it, we'll be the luckiest people in the world because we'll have everything we need in life. And we'll be loving it.

Keep Smiling,


  1. Great Blog.. glad you enjoyed the fresh air.....
    Like the Beatles sang.... Love is all you need!!!!!!! xo

  2. Great entry but many people can find it hard to express love, at first. This is why I believe in the power of demonstrating a positive attitude at school, at work and in all of our relationships. A positive attitude helps give us the "gas" to go!

    How are you, V?

    - Vanessa
    Project Zen

  3. @Anonymous: Thanks for your comment...glad you liked today's post!

    @Vanessa: So true!! Love your explanation.

  4. Thankyou for reminding me that the simple pleasures in life are the best.

  5. I get Alan Zimmerman's Tuesday Tip newsletter emailed to me and I found this cracking quote:

    creativity expert Natalie Goldberg says, "Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency."

    It just reminded me (again!) that stress is a reaction not an action!!

  6. @Linda: Simple pleasures are the best! Thanks for stopping by today...

    @Kym: Great quote - thanks for sharing that one! I'm going to have to remember that!


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