Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day and Happy Easter!

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Hello Optimists,

It couldn't have been better timing that Earth Day and Easter fall on the same weekend. Aside from the religious aspect of Easter, the holiday always reminds me of the springtime - flowers blooming, trees awakening, bunnies hopping, sun shining...all of the things I love. What luck that all of these great reminders of springtime can come into mind during the time we're honoring Earth Day!

I will be traveling to Baltimore for the weekend to celebrate the Easter holiday with my family and I'm also quite excited to head South because I know the temperature will be a bit warmer outside and all of the plants will be blooming with beauty -  even more than they are here in Philadelphia.

Being mindful of the earth and our effect on it is something that is very important to me, so I'm quite excited that we have a special day dedicated to honoring its beauty. No matter if we live in a desert climate or on an ice cap (oh, that gives me goosebumps just thinking of it!), we are all living on the same planet, so we all have equal responsibility to ensure that we do all that we can in order for it to survive.

I thought today's featured quote would be just perfect to honor Earth Day, and I hope you can take its meaning to heart.

The earth is what we all have in common. 
- Wendell Berry Author
Here are a few awesome images of the great planet we live on...just in case you needed a little boost to inspire your celebrations of Earth Day.

Keep Smiling,

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Last Page is the Beginning

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Hello Optimists,

I came across a great quote today that really made me think - not only about its message it sent, but also about the person who spoke the words. Today's featured quote is, as you will see, from Henry David Thoreau, one of America's great writers. What is so great about his words here, besides their absolute truth, is that he speaks not just as a writer who encourages to others to just read...he takes it a step further and encourages us to live

What I find is that in our daily lives, we sometimes get stuck on a one-path track. Today's featured quote is a great example of how someone is not stuck on one path, but rather, can see the bigger picture, and encourages us to do the same. Here, Henry David Thoreau speaks not only as a writer, but as a reader, a teacher, a student, and a human being. He can see all sides of the story, not just his perspective as an author.

A truly good book teaches me better than to read it. I must soon lay it down, and commence living on its hint. What I began by reading, I must finish by acting. -Henry David Thoreau 
This idea goes back to the posts I've written about putting your thoughts and words into action, and today we have another great quote to serve as inspiration to do so. I love that as an author, he shows that there is more to reading than just turning the pages. We're not really finished once we've turned that last page...we've got to look beyond the typeface and live beyond the lines. Turning the "last page" is a sign for us to live out the words we've read or to put to action the thoughts we've been thinking - it actually signals the beginning.  When we can do that, our "good book" can be safely tucked away on our shelf. Until then though, it is to remain open...

Remember that we must get more out of life than what's on the surface - we have to learn to take things to the next level and make our thoughts turn into action.

Keep Smiling,

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Are Your Doors of Happiness Open or Closed?

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Hello Optimists,

I was looking through my list of quotes today trying to find one that was particularly inspiring. My list, of course being a good 10 pages long, is filled to the brim with words that never fail to light a spark in me. Some I have read hundreds of times, and others have just been recently added, but no matter how long they've been part of my collection, there are just certain times when some quotations seem to pop.

Since I've been writing here on OO, I have often turned to my own experiences, thoughts, or emotions to guide my post topics, and sometimes I have used my observations of others' to share a story with you. But, I also like to just browse through my quotes and choose one not because it necessarily "means something" or is representative of something at that time, but just because it feels like the right one to share with all of you.

Today's featured quote is exactly that: one that I wanted to share with all of you...just because.

When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.   - Helen Keller
I find this quote to be not only wise, but quite true. I find that often, people choose not to think or talk about the good that is happening in life, but rather, about the problems (or what we Optimists would call "challenges") that they are facing. By focusing all of our attention on the "closed doors" before us, we lose sight of the others that have already opened and those that offer something even greater than we could have expected.

I face this challenge too, and I find that the more I focus on thinking positively and finding the good in the not-so-ideal situations I am faced with, the more I can find those open doors in life. I hope you can realize this too and make it optimism and positive thinking a part of your way of life!

How do you make sure to acknowledge the doors of happiness that are open to you?

Keep Smiling,

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Positive Thinkers Can't Go Wrong...Can They?

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Hello Optimists,

So I read an article recently called, "Where Positive Thinkers Go Wrong", and I thought I would share a bit of it with you today. I know, I know, you're probably thinking that this is the last thing an OO should be reading! But I must admit that the article wasn't all negative, and in fact, offered up some advice that was well within the lines of our optimistic thinking. 

I would encourage you to read the article, which basically says that positive thinking alone is not enough. Sure, we can have all of the happy thoughts we want, but until we put them to action we really can't expect too much from them. To some extent, I agree, but I also believe (actually, I know) that positive thinking is the root for all other positive action. We've got to start somewhere, and optimistic thoughts are the sparks that we need to light the fire of good intentions and ultimately, good actions. So, positive thinkers don't really go wrong, but we can't rely on those thoughts alone to carry out our best life. We've got to be sure to carry out those thoughts.

Here's a little piece of the article that I found to be incredibly inspiring...
Your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, words and actions ALL need to be working in unison towards a single, clearly defined goal.  Together, they create an undeniable FORCE that can pull any dream from the ethers into reality. 
This is so true, and serves as a good argument for why this author thinks positive thinking might not be enough. It is so true that our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, words, and actions, when put together, create a force that is sure to make an impact. Now that's what we're looking for!

You can read the rest of this article here. Be sure to come back to this post and let me know what you think of the author's argument. Do you agree? Disagree? 

Keep Smiling,