Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Farewell to The Oprah Show

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Hello Optimists,

As many of your probably know, this week marked the end of the 25-year run of The Oprah Winfrey Show. I, like many others, was sad to see this happen, but I'm glad that the legacy and the mark that she and the show has made on the world is being acknowledged at a time when not only Oprah, but all of us, can really appreciate it and take note of the positive influence that has been made.

The three-day countdown to the finale was marked with appearances and performances from some of the greatest and most well-known people of our time. The shows were so amazing and so over-the-top that I couldn't even believe what I was watching. I tried to imagine what it must feel like to have to many great people honor you, call you their friend, and share so much love with you on such a huge scale like that....truly amazing.

My friends were texting me throughout the past few days....Are you watching the finale of Oprah?! Can you believe this? Of course I was watching. And I honestly couldn't believe how amazing it all was.

The final show was taken down a few notches from all of the flashing lights and star was just Oprah, on her stage, speaking to the audience about what she had learned throughout the years. It was during this time that I truly realized what a wise woman she is, and why she had, in fact, transformed our world. I got another text as the show began from a friend who said, I'm tearing up from being reassured that what I plan to do with my life will happen! I was actually going to go to NYC today but I'm sooo thankful I stayed to hear Oprah's powerful words. Wow. That's exactly why Oprah is so admired.

As I was watching, I was taking in everything she said, and I kept telling myself, I should be writing this down. I should be writing this down! But out of fear of missing a single word of wisdom she had to share, I had to wait until the commercial break to grab my laptop and start typing away as she shared her thoughts.

Today's featured quotes are some of the most profound statements Oprah made during her final show. I tried to type as quickly as I could to get in all of the words, but please allow some room for error with these, as they may not be verbatim. Nonetheless, they are just as powerful now as when they came directly from her lips.

This first one in particular is one that I believe to be at the root of the mission of Optimal Optimist.
"You are responsible for the energy that you bring into your own life, and for the energy that you bring into others' lives." 
"There is a difference between knowing you deserve to be happy and knowing that you are worthy of happiness." 
"You cannot wait for someone to save you, to help you, to complete you. No one can complete you. You complete yourself."
Incredible wisdom. I hope you can take these quotes and try to live by her words. And of course, Oprah will still be around to continue to do her thing, as she is on to bigger and better things with her cable network...I'm already addicted to Oprah Behind the Scenes on OWN.

Did you watch the finale of Oprah? What is the quote that you connect with most?

Keep Smiling,


  1. I watched the final show and also was struck by the wisdom Oprah shared. She is such an inspiration. The quote about being worthy is the one that stayed with me.

  2. @Katie: So glad that you caught the last show and that you found some inspiration in it! Hope her words stay with you..


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