Friday, October 21, 2011

Now Trending on Twitter: #Optimism and Etiquette

Hello Optimists,

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One of the first Tweeps that I started to follow was @PosPositive, and they sent out a link to a great article that I knew I had to share with you today. After retweeting, I hopped on here to share with you what I thought was the most important piece of the article. Today's featured quote is taken directly from a post called "A Positive Attitude: The Essence of Good Manners":
A positive attitude has no prejudice. It is not bound by color, race, or religion. It does not care if one is rich or poor. Anyone has the right to display a positive attitude, and it makes that person much more attractive to others.
I suppose I never really related positivity with good manners, but after reading this article, I now see how closely the two are aligned. The message shared here is so true, and it's one of the things I love about optimism. It really is not bound by any extraneous factor that gets in the way of most of our thinking and helps us to eliminate judgement from our lives. A positive attitude is a positive attitude, and anyone can claim a stake in it. Not to mention it's an extremely attractive quality! ;)

At the end of the post, the author shared two pieces of etiquette advice that she shares with her clients, and I found them so wonderfully similar to the message that is often shared here on OO.

The Etiquette Expert advises to:
  • Possess a Great Attitude
  • Don't Forget to Smile
No matter if you're looking for etiquette advice or not, these are two important things to remember, and I hope that you can make these a part of your everyday routine.

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  1. Optimism on Twitter. I like the thought of that.

  2. @Maurice: Awesome! Hope you join OO in the (short) Twitter convos happening now! :D

  3. Hi I am catching up with my blogging friends and you welcomed me home more great optimism this morning. Thanks for calling by and commenting while I was away. Off to get optimistic on Twitter straight away. :)


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