Saturday, February 11, 2012

World Happy Day and Random Acts of Kindness Week

Hey Optimists,

I've got BIG news: Today is World Happy Day and this week starts Random Acts of Kindness Week! Can it get any better?!

Thanks to Twitter, I found out about #WorldHappyDay just in time for today's global event and I hope this comes in time for you to celebrate the day too. Here's what it's all about:
World Happy Day marks the screening of "The HAPPY Movie", a documentary film all about what makes people happy and why. Created by filmmaker and Academy Award nominee Roko Belic, this film takes us on a journey through 5 different countries to explore the secrets behind "the world's most valued emotion", and has already been recognized with a bunch of big-deal film awards. It's no wonder....everyone wants to be happy! 
Take a look at the trailer at the end of the post to get a sneak peek of the film and then go find a screening near you and buy your tickets!

Random Acts of Kindness Week runs this year from February 13-19. Last year's movement was quite a success, and as a part of their Extreme Kindness Challenge – Our Ticket To a Kinder World. which encouraged people to participate in RAKW by performing at least one kind act per day for seven days, resulted in thousands of people making a conscious effort to make the world a better place. The thing that's pretty cool about this movement is that stories about RAK are so easily shared through social networks and word of mouth. 

The Happy Movie trailer:

Happy - A Documentary Trailer from Wadi Rum Films on Vimeo.

The power of doing good and making the world a better place is pretty darn strong. 
See what's going on with these events by following:
 @RAKfoundation and tweet about your act of kindness using #DoKindness
 @TheHappyMovie and tweet about your experience using #WorldHappyDay
and, of course,
 @OptmlOptimist (sorry, I couldn't resist)

Start planning your RAK for next week and beyond. You'll be amazed at how many others pay it forward!

Have you seen The Happy Movie? Let me know what you think of it in the comments below!

Keep Smiling,


  1. I actually already started sending out random acts of kindness via the postal system. It's fun to make someone's day special.

    1. Hey Kristina! Love your RAK idea and I think it's great that you've already started - way to be ahead of schedule! ;)

      You know, there is something so special about sending an actual piece of mail instead of writing on someone's FB wall, sending a text or an email, etc. I bet you made a lot of people smile...

      Keep up the kindness :D

  2. Have not specifically heard of these but it's a nice idea. If only everyone participated. My mother told me that the other day she and my step-father went to an I-Hop the other morning and when it came time to pay they were told that someone had already paid for them. How cool.

    Is product placement tacky?
    Tossing It Out
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

    1. Hi Lee! Thanks for stopping by. I LOVE the i-Hop story. What a perfect example of a RAK that inspires others to pay it forward. So cool!

  3. Oh dear not very positive of me to have missed this event. Apologies for not calling by to comment very often, time just seems to get swallowed up by real life!

    1. Hi Linda! No worries about missing these events...the good part of this is that you can celebrate any time of the year! Practice random acts of kindness any day and you'll be sure to make someone smile! And you can now buy The Happy Movie online - highly, highly recommended!

      I understand about getting swallowed up by life - I feel the same way too. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Hope you are well! :)


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