Thursday, April 15, 2010

Your George Costanza Wallet


Hello Optimists,

I was flipping through the channels the other day and happened to catch a piece of a re-run of The View. I watch that show on occasion, but usually only if there is a guest coming on that I really like. But this time, it was still in the "Hot Topics" portion of the show and the ladies were discussing the weight of their purses. They had a scale on the table and each of them grabbed their bags and weighed them to reveal some staggering numbers...the average between all of them was about 6 pounds! That's some serious stuff in there! But what I loved was what they pulled out to show the audience why it was so heavy: overstuffed "George Costanza" wallets, books, make up bags, notebooks, cameras, lotion bottles,'s no wonder they were complaining of shoulder pain! The old adage "everything but the kitchen sink" sure seemed to apply here, though I'm sure if they had more air time you might have seen Elisabeth pull out some pipes and a faucet.

So this got me thinking about all of the stuff that we carry with us. Do we really need all of it? Probably not- but for most women, our purses are like a security blanket. All of the little things that we think we would need throughout the day are thrown in there just in case and before we know it, it ends up looking like the inside of our junk drawers. But we wouldn't be comfortable without it. Going somewhere without a purse is like going out without any shoes on. It just doesn't feel right. So aside from all of the essentials, I think we should do some spring cleaning of our purses and take out everything we don't need. (I'm sure our shoulders will thank us.) So after separating the contents of my bag into a "yes" and "no" pile, I remembered a quote about something that should always be in our possession...
Carry laughter with you wherever you go. -Hugh Sidley
This is really great advice, and thank goodness it doesn't take up much space because I have more things in my "yes" pile than my "no" pile. But seriously, laughter is really something we should always carry with us. It is an instant mood booster, stress-reliever, and just has a way of making your day much much better. It's good to de-clutter and get rid of those old candy wrappers, to-do lists, and receipts from last year, but make sure you don't throw out the laughter. That is one thing that should always stay in your bag and in your life. So along with your wallet and your phone, and your other "must haves" make sure that laughter goes right along with them. The good thing is that it can conveniently fit into a clutch, a hobo, a briefcase, a wallet, a murse - it can go pretty much anywhere.

So go get to it; clean out all the stuff that is only weighing down your day and remember to keep the things that will make it better (like laughter!) part of the essentials.

Keep Smiling,

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  1. Well I laughed as soon as I saw this because my Husband and I JUST watched that Seinfeld episode last week! I agree with the security blanket part. I know I just toss everything in my bag. I really like your blog and will be back to see more optimism! :)


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