Friday, June 25, 2010

One Lick At A Time


Hello Optimists,

There's no better way to celebrate the summer than by enjoying an ice cream cone. And I love to celebrate. So needless to say, I've been having a few (too many) licks of ice cream these days. It seems that this bad habit of craving ice cream after every meal is not something I alone am effected by; I find that a lot of people share my love for this cool little treat. It doesn't matter if you're young or old, tall or short, blonde or brunette...I don't know of anyone who wouldn't love to sit down with a tub of Ben & Jerry's and call it a night.

Last night I went for ice cream (I know, what a surprise), and I saw a lot of cute little kids gobbling down their scoops and swirls of ice cream with wild abandon. I slightly envied them for not painfully swallowing each lick, aware of how many calories and grams of fat they were ingesting. And then I thought back to the old days and saw life again through eight-year old eyes.

Kids have an amazing ability to relish in the simple pleasures of life and take time to enjoy the things they love most about being alive. School's out for the summer, so it's now time for 12-hour long play days filled with baseball games, pool parties, and bike rides. And the biggest concern: Will I order chocolate or vanilla tonight, and do I want chocolate or rainbow sprinkles? In a kid's mind, this is some serious business. But what's so great is that you can see the happiness in their eyes, and you know that just a little thing like an ice cream cone can be the cherry on top of a perfect day, if I may use that perfect little metaphor. 

Instead of thinking about what they need to do when they get home, how many emails they will have to respond to, what they're going to make for dinner the following night, and do I even have time to shower?!?, the choose instead to enjoy that wonderful moment of joy and pleasure. They're taking one lick at a time and one new minute of summer fun and enjoying it. That's why when I found today's quote (from the ultimate "kid" himself), I knew it would be perfect to feature today.
Life is like an ice cream cone; you have to lick it one day at a time. -Charlie Brown
Unfortunately I can't make my ice cream cone last for days; I instead, woof it down like it could be ripped from my kung-fu grip at any moment. But I think this quote reminds me that in order to enjoy life as much as we enjoy our ice cream, we've got to take it slowly. If we want that unbeatable feeling of bliss to last more than 5 seconds after we take our first taste of that deliciously creamy, hot-fudge covered, whipped cream topped piece of heaven, then we've got to make it last. Don't rush through it, because you know you'll get a major brain freeze, and the rest of the treat just doesn't taste as good after that! And just remember to take it one lick at a time...that scrumptious little dessert is there for you to enjoy. 

And so too is life. We've got to do the things we love to do, and enjoy every minute of its happening. Take it one day at a time, and don't worry too much about what needs to be done tomorrow or next week...just enjoy today. Take it from Charlie Brown...that little man certainly knows what he's talking about. Think back to your days of free reign as a kid, and try to see life through your eight-year old eyes.  Try to enjoy every little thing in your life now just as much as you did then. And remember: choosing between chocolate and vanilla is still a big decision.

Keep Smiling,

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