Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Secret of Life According to Peanuts

Hello Optimists,

When I was little, one of the most fun things about meeting up with friends after Christmas was showing each other everything that Santa Claus had brought for us. Whether it was a new outfit from our favorite stores or a my-size Barbie (which, now that I think about it, is a little bit creepy!), it was always nice to share with others all of the new toys and gadgets that were brought so graciously by the Big Guy. 

Since I'm a bit "older" now, there aren't mounds of toys waiting to be unwrapped under the Christmas tree or many fun items to share with my friends when we meet up for the holidays. Instead, the gifts I receive are a little bit more practical and thoughful - something someone saw while shopping and thought, "I just have to get that for my friend!". Of course, I realize that Christmas isn't about the presents anymore, and in fact, I didn't really even ask for anything this year. I know that this holiday means more than just how much someone spent on me, and I was just happy to take some time to relax and be with my friends and family. 

That being said, I still received some great gifts this year - thoughtful gifts, ones that I know were meant just for me. I wanted to share with you a great little Christmas gift that I got this year...one that was addressed To: The Optimal Optimist. It's a small desk plaque with two of my three favorite Peanuts characters on it, and a great quote that will serve as today's featured quote. 
Keep looking up! That's the secret of life. 
I never thought I'd learn the secret of life from a tiny bird and a dog, but I suppose that one can never overlook an opportunity to learn from the most unexpected of sources. Peanuts has taught me a lot though, and as you probably remember from my past posts One Lick at a Time and Good Grief, I really like that blockhead, Charlie Brown and his friends.

But I don't think we can deny that this quote is absolutely true. We've got to "keep looking up" and we've got to keep thinking positively. We've got to be Optimal Optimists! Everyone is searching for the secret of life - we're lucky enough to know it already and be to putting it in practice.

I'm so grateful for this great little gift, and it's going right on my desk next to my computer so I can keep this quote in mind while I'm typing up my posts! I hope you can keep this in mind too - and spread the word....we've got the secret of life!

Keep Smiling,


  1. Optimism really is the secret to living a healthy and positive lifestyle! Happiness is contagious so that's why we need to spread the happy!

    I also found that I appreciate the little things down to a card or a movie ticket next to bigger ticket items that I may have appreciated when I was younger. It's so funny how our appreciation changes throughout the years but it's the thought that counts too! It's the presence spent with our loved ones and friends that count.

    - Vanessa
    Project Zen

  2. Great post :-). My mom and I both love Peanuts. In fact, my mom got the classic Peanuts Christmas tree as a gift this Christmas.

  3. @Vanessa: Thanks for sharing your thoughts - and you're absolutely right that the time spent with loved ones is what matters most! So true!!

    @Ashley: I was so tempted to buy that tree this year for my apartment! I just love it. Glad you liked the post today and thanks for stopping by! : )

  4. The leopard cannot change his spots.


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